DIY Earring Making Kit

Our DIY Earrings Starter Box Set Loot!

I wanted to get a friend started on a new hobby. This friend is rather creative so we decided that jewelry making was the perfect thing for her. So I looked around online, found and purchased these to get her started on a new hobby of making jewelry, earrings, bracelets for gifting out to friends. After all, Christmas is just around the corner.

The very first thing we needed was a set of diy jewelry making tools. The most basic of all would probably be a wire cutter, a flat nosed plier or some round nosed pliers and some wires. This seem to do the job nicely.

We bought a 7 Pack Jewelry Making Tools Needle Nosed Round Nose Pliers Side Cutters Beading Jewelry Wires Jewelry Making Supplies from here.

Next we needed some beads and earring findings. Since we are really beginners with no experience, we decided to get box sets that come with everything. I found the following which are perfect the perfect starter sets for making diy earrings jewelry. After some searching, I bought one with geometric design, one to make Christmas themed earrings with red and green beads and one to make tassel earrings. Love them.

All our jewelry making tools in one place ready for the start of our new hobby

My friend said that this is her favourite diy earrings box set of all. She said that the set can also be used to repair her jewelry.

Below are some of the suggested designs for each of the sets we bought.

Here’s where we bought the DIY earrings starter kits.

1. Tassel Earrings Making Starter Kit to make 10 pairs of earrings

2.  Leopard Dangle Earrings Making Starter Kit with Geometric Resin Charms 

3. Christmas Crystal Beads Dangle Earring Making Kits with Snowman Angel Wing Glass Beads

After buying the above, I continued to search and found lots of lovely diy dangling earrings making kit or bracelet making starter sets. So tempted to buy more!

This store sells quite a lot of designs for the starter kits. The brand they sell is called SunnyClue DIY Jewelry making kit. It comes very nicely packaged in a box with all the jewelry making materials in a plastic container as shown in the picture below. You can go to the store called Arricraft. I did a quick search and here are some of the various designs available for the diy jewelry making kits.

The shared links above are all from shopee where I bought the kits from. For those who prefer to shop at Lazada, perhaps you could try this instead. DIY Beads Jewelry Making Supplies Kit for Bracelets Necklaces Earrings I didn’t get the set below, because I think the beads design look more for preteens or teenagers. It would be a very exciting set for the younger people and it is all inclusive with all the things you need to make jewelry be it earrings, necklaces or bracelets.

Korean Snacks make me happy

Today I received some Korean Snacks form the Korean Tourism Organization Malaysia. Korean Snacks make me happy.

I am an avid Korean drama fan so snacking on Korean Snacks while I binge watch my Korean dramas is my idea of the perfect me time! You know they almost always feature delicious Korean foods in the dramas which make my mouth water. Eating ramyeon is also a must in the dramas and without fail, it makes me feel like cooking a packet too!

So where can I get some of the snacks in this snack box after I run out of them?

I can get my Lotte Peppero here:

There are many flavours available too. Yummy!

1. Almond

2. White cookie

3. Choco filled

4. Original

5. Choco cookie

Roasted Mackerel Snack is very delicious. I like the brand called KFish. Here’s where to get them.

Where to buy Korean Roasted Mackerel Snack:

Samyang Cup Noodles. There are so many flavours to choose from.

1. Original

2. Carbo

3. Jjolbokki

4. Meat spaghetti

5. Jjajang

6. Cream Carbo

7. Cheese

8. 4 kinds of cheese (New)

If not sure which to choose, just try one of every variant.

Here’s where to get Samyang Cup Noodles :

All snacks and no drinks makes one feel thirsty, so let’s get some banana flavoured milk drink. If banana is not your cup of tea, you can try strawberry milk, melon milk or even lychee and peach milk.

Here’s where to get Binggrae Korean fruit flavored milk drink:

Finally, if you feel guilty from all that snacking, the next day you can have some diet supplement in the form of Jelly B. drinkable konjac jelly . Again, there are many varieties, 8 Flavors to be exact – Apple, Grape, Peach, Watermelon, Mango, Blueberry, Lychee & Jeju Mandarin.

Where to buy Jelly B. drinkable konjac jelly:

Now we are ready to enjoy binge watching Kdramas while snacking delectable Korean snacks!

Squid Game Merchandise Malaysia

The rise of Squid Game has been phenomenal, not only the drama but including all things related to it. From Squid Game Halloween costumes, to Squid Game keychains and alarm clocks, suddenly Squid Game is all around us. Here are some Squid Game Merchandise which are popular and cute. These Squid Game Merchandise make great gifts for birthday, Christmas and other events for both young and old alike.

1. Squid Game Nano Building Blocks Soldiers

This Lego style building blocks are adorable for playing and displaying as cute decor around the house or even office. It comes in a set of 3 and if you are the type which wants to keep the dust out of your display, there’s even a display box you can get in your favourite colour.

Where to buy the Squid Game Nano Building Blocks Soldiers

2. Squid Game Dancing Cactus Singing Plush Toy

For some reason, the dancing cactus plush toy is a hit with many. It will repeat what you say and dance to its own music making it a cute novelty gift for many young and old alike. Now, there is a Squid Game version.

Where to buy the Squid Game dancing cactus plus toy

3. Squid Game phone holder for iPhone 11/12/13

This Squid Game phone holder looks adorable. It comes with a matching fidget pop the bubble pendent. This is another novelty toy that has taken the online world by stop. Everyone just can’t get enough of this fidget toy that goes pop pop pop just like bubble wrap.

Where to buy the Squid Game phone casing

4. Squid Game Dalgona Candy

Not really a merchandise, this game is edible and fun to play in groups. Naturally the Squid Game Dalcona Candy is available in round, square, star and umbrella shapes. You can buy one or a set of four or more. (in case you keep breaking them).

Where to buy the Squid Game Dalgona Candy:

5. Squid Game Costume Jacket

These are great for a Squid Game themed party or event. Which will you choose? No 001 or No. 456? The jacket and matching pants comes in all kinds of sizes from XXS to 4XL so the whole family can have a pair of Squid Game outfit.

Where to buy the Squid Game Costume”

6. Squid Game Stationery Pencil Case

Have a lot of squid game collectibles like squid game pens, squid game keychain and don’t know where to store them? You can store them in this squid game bag or case.

Where to buy the Squid Game themed pencil case:

KF94 masks from Korea

I had been search for KF94 masks for a while. There are so many in the market and I worry about getting counterfeit masks.

Recently the Korean Embassy Facebook in Malaysia FB page published an advisory.

Since the “KF” in KF94 masks stands for “Korean Filter”, I figured that it would be a good idea to get the KF94 masks direct from Korea. I found a seller who supplies KF94 masks direct from Korea. The brand is Bio Mate. I quickly did a check using the link shared in the Korean Embassy post. The mask was in the list of approved KF94 masks. I proceeded to order and within a week I received my KF94 masks direct from Korea to Malaysia. I love internet shopping.

The mask is comfortable and covers all areas, the nose, cheeks and chin with no gaps in between. What is comfortable to one, may not be to another because we all have different face shape and sizes, so you can try a smaller box first. The mask comes in boxes of 10, 30 and 50. It comes in both adult and kid sizes.

Where to buy this KF94 mask

Here’s where you can get the bioMate KF94 masks from Korea. Shopee link: Seller ships directly from Korea to Malaysia. You can enjoy a 5% discount by keying in any of the following codes during checkout. KMOMMPSP1, KMOMMPSP2 or KMOMMPSP3. 100% PRODUCT OF KOREA] KF94 MASK FOR KIDS AND ADULT Exclusively at KMOMMYSPICK

For those who wish to buy just one piece to test out the fit first, I saw this mask being sold at Guardian and Watsons too. They sold it loose at about RM3 per piece. I bought a box of 50 at RM95 for the whole box. It came with a Volcanic Ash Pore Capsule Pack as a free gift.

How to do a Covid test using the Covid Self Test Kit

I went to buy a Covid Self Test Kit at the pharmacy recently because I wanted to visit a loved one. Swab or Saliva test? The pharmacist asked. I chose saliva because it is easier for me to manage. It cost me about RM19.90. However the prices will be coming down further which is a good thing because it will encourage more testing. In fact, you can now get it below RM7 now and apart from pharmacies, you can also find it at supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol stations. The new ceiling price for the self test kits will be out later this month.

I test because I care. When I visit my loved ones, they will feel more at ease with me knowing I am fully vaccinated and tested too. For those who landed on this page because they are searching for how to do a covid test using a covid self test kit, here is how I did the test.

This is the front of the box. I checked that this brand is included in the list of approved Covid-19 self test kits by the Ministry of Health. The contents of the box include a self test device, a collection tube, a single use buffer (liquid), instruction for use and a biosafety bag for disposal.

This is the back of the box. It includes simple instructions on how to use the covid-19 self test kit. Another more detailed description is included in the box. It is recommended to collect the first saliva after deep coughing in the morning. Do not consume food, drink, gum or tobacco products for at least 10 minutes before collection and remember to keep your hands clean.

Follow the instructions exactly as shown on the box and make sure you read the more detailed instruction leaflet that comes with the kit.

Tip: You are supposed to empty a liquid buffer after you have collected the saliva so make sure not to collect beyond the scale line so that there is space for the buffer with the amounts exactly as indicated.

Below are contents of the covid-19 self test kit which includes the test device in a separate packaging and the test apparatus.

Below is the test apparatus.

The box has a convenient place for you to rest your funnel to prevent any spills while you prepare to empty the buffer content into the collection tube

Make sure you empty the entire content of the disposable buffer into the collection tube.

The test device is in a separate package. When you have collected your sample, drop 2 drops of sample into the sample well (marked S).

Reading your test results. Check your results in 15 minutes and no more than that. Do not check at 20 minutes. Two coloured lines appearing at test line (T) and control line (C) indicates a positive result. The result is negative if the coloured line appeares at the control line (C) only. The test is invalid if control line (C) fails to appear. This could be because of insufficient specimen volume or incorrect procedural techniques.

If your test is negative you can now visit your loved ones with more peace of mind. However, remember to still keep to SOP of wearing mask and washing your hands frequently with soap or hand sanitizer.

Note: After you have got your result, don’t forget to update your MySejahtera. When updating either for yourself or your dependent, you will be asked for your name, telephone number, email address, address, where you bought the kit (whether at pharmacy or clinic etc), what type of kit (whether nasal swab or saliva) before keying in your results.

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