How To Post To Instagram From Your Desktop Computer

Before I start this post, there’s a few things to make clear. I hate using Instagram on my mobile and I’m a chrome user.

I tried many ways to post on Instagram from my desktop computer including downloading various apps. In the end, I never really used them because I either have to pay for the apps or I forget to use them because they’re not that user friendly. Finally, I found an easier way to post to Instagram from my desktop computer without using apps. Here are the steps.

  1. Go to your Instagram using your desktop.
  2. Right click on your desktop and select Inspect (or press Control + Shift + i)
  3. Look for the mobile phone/tablet computer icon and select it (or press Control + Shift + m) . Hint. The icon is right at the top. If you mouse-over the icon, it says “toggle device toolbar”
  4. Once selected, your Instagram will look exactly like it does on your mobile. However, you still cannot post anything until you do the very important step 5 below.
  5. Refresh the page (The action of refreshing the page brings up the home, search, post (a plus sign in a square box), love and profile icon).
  6. You can now post on your Instagram from your desktop computer by hitting the post button (the plus sign in a box). That button allows you to browse for photos from your desktop to post.
  7. Post as normal

Below are some of the photos to illustrate the steps above.

Step 2 & 3. Right click and then select the mobile phone/tablet icon. This is the position and how the icon looks like.



Important Step 5. You must refresh the page. After you do so, only then will you be able to see the posting icon as shown below. The whole bottom bar of icons is hidden. Once you refresh, you will be able to see it. Many people who use this method wonder why it does not work. The reason is because they did not refresh their computer after selecting the mobile view when toggling the device toolbar.

This is all to it. Now you can post to Instagram from your desktop pc without apps. Happy posting!



Please upload a photo of yourself that clearly shows your face

On 20th March 2018, I received this message from Facebook:

Screenshot (8)

“Please upload a photo of yourself that clearly shows your face. We’ll check it and then permanently delete it from our servers”. I could not continue on to Facebook until I uploaded my photo. It was the same whether viewing Facebook on my desktop on via the Facebook app on my mobile or iPad. Yes, I tried all! Fearing that it may be a scam of some sort, I even deleted the Facebook app from my phone and installed it again but when I clicked on Facebook, I received the same message again. So, I had no choice but to upload my photo.

After, I uploaded my photo, I received the following message:

“You can’t use Facebook at the moment. We are reviewing the photo that you sent us on 20 March 2018. We’re always looking out for your security, so until then you won’t be able to use Facebook.”

Screenshot (3)

Oh dear. I wouldn’t have minded very much if just my personal profile was affected as I don’t really post on it very much. However, I have several Facebook pages and I run 4 Facebook groups as admin.

I learned quite a few lessons from this but before I move on to the lessons or tips, I will share how long it took for me to get back my genuine Facebook account. I read that it was supposed to take 72 hours but searching online, I found various answers from 2 days, 6 days to one month even. Some even reported this issue coming back repeatedly. I hope this does not happen to me. I was shutoff from my Facebook account on 20th March 2018. I got back my account on 24 March 2018.


1. I read some comments online about their precious photos being gone when they are locked out of Facebook. That’s true because when you are locked out, you cannot access anything. You simply disappear without a trace. All your photos, posts and even your comments in groups disappears. Poof! Just like that. So, don’t put all your precious memories on Facebook. It may be gone just like that if there are any issues with your account. Always have a backup.

2. The second tip is for persons who run a business page. It is a good idea to appoint a trusted person as a backup admin. When you are locked out of your personal profile, you cannot get into Facebook. This means that you also cannot get to your Facebook Page. Previously I had been locked out of Facebook before when they requested for my photo id (that’s another story), so I had appointed another admin for my Page and therefore I could still access my Page via my friend’s account.

3. The third tip is for persons who run a Facebook group and a Facebook page. When you lose your Facebook account, you also lose your Facebook group since you cannot get into Facebook at all. Now, if you had previously linked your Facebook page to your group, your Facebook page would be an extra admin for your Facebook group and if you had done Tip 2 of appointing someone else as your Page admin, you would still be able to admin your Facebook group as usual by using your friend’s Facebook account temporarily. This is important because if you are the sole admin of a group and you lose your Facebook and access to your group, it will mean that your group has no admin now and anyone can take over as admin. You don’t want that to happen to a group you had spent a lot of time building up.

With all of the above tips in place, I was not too frazzled when I lost my personal Facebook profile. I was still able to run my page and group as usual. The only set back was I had an upcoming event. I had posted details of that event in my FB group using my personal profile. When I lost my profile, my posts disappeared. I didn’t realize that at first because, as a Facebook page admin of my group, I could see my posts, but my members could not! I didn’t know till they sent me screenshots of my missing post.

So, I quickly sent them email notifications instead of private messages and tagging them on FB as I normally do. While at it, I learned how to send emails to all the contacts on my Google Forms with one click. I also learned how to embed Google map in the email. So losing my Facebook profile for a while turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I learned some new skills.

I hope this post helps some of you who may be searching for information on this topic. I was searching too and all I could find were negative posts that made it seem so much worse than it actually turned out to be.

One other thing, just before I got my account back, I got impatient and sent out an email to I’m not sure if that helped to get back my account or it was just a matter of time.


Crochet Doily Pattern On YouTube

I found this lovely crochet doily pattern on YouTube. It’s so easy to follow. You can watch all of the instructions from beginning to end if you are not too keen on looking at patterns that is. Pause and rewind whenever you like to get it right. There’s a pattern as well so you can check out  your crochet doily as you go along.

This is my version as posted on my Instagram and below that is the video from YouTube instructions on how to crochet this doily.

This is part 1 of the How To Crochet A Doily video. There are 3 parts in all and a link to the website with the doily pattern or instructions. Parts 1 and 2 of the video are 23 minutes each and part 3 is 13 minutes. In other words, you can complete this in an hour.

Baking cookies with spritz cookies press

I bought a spritz cookies press recently. I saw that it had been shipped. Got it real cheap by checking around several online sites.

I remember helping my  mum to make cookies with one of these cookies press or biscuit pump or whatever you call it. It is a cylinder shaped mold with patterns at the bottom. You put your dough into the mold and press out the patterns to form cookies in various shapes.

I’ve been reading some tips on how to make sure your cookies turn out nice looking. One of them is to omit baking powder or baking soda so the cookies  don’t rise and bloat out of shape when baked. Another tip is to use cold baking sheets to retain the cookie shape better.

I’m really excited and can’t wait to try the cookie press.  Hope that it won’t disappoint.

Facebook Group Insights Has Arrived For One Of My Groups

Facebook Group Insights

Facebook Group Insights

Facebook group insights has arrived for one of my groups ie my preloved group. I can view it on desktop and on my mobile but not on iPad. On desktop, Group Insights are located on the left side bar. On Mobile, it’s right at the top, just below the group cover photo.

The stats or insights shown include

  1. Growth
  2. Engagement
  3. Members

Growth – shows total members including a chart, number of new members and percentage increase or decrease plus membership requests.

Engagement – shows the number of posts, comments, reactions plus a chart for all. Active members, popular times and popular days for posting are also shown. Very interesting numbers indeed for a group admin.

Members – shows stats on the top contributors, age and gender, top countries and top cities.

This new Group Insights feature for Facebook groups is excellent and a good way for group admins to keep track of the demographics, postings and comments for the group. It’s probably being rolled out in stages like the recently introduced “Ask pending members questions” feature which is really good for ruling out spam. To get to the “Ask pending members questions” feature, simply go to “Settings” which is shown as “…” below the group cover photo. Click “Manage Group” followed by “Member Requests”. Once you are in the “Member Requests” page, click “Settings” to set your questions. Up to 3 questions are allowed.

Hope to receive Facebook Group Insights for my other groups soon.


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