Today I generated a new banner for my blog header. I used the Blog Header Image Maker from Custom Sign Generator. Its a wonderful tool for people like me whose only talent in creating websites from scratch is through copy and paste.

It was very easy to create. Just select the header graphics of your choice, key in your blog title and voila you have a nice looking header for your weblog. I like this header. Its very me.

I even came up with a tagline while at it. But of course, my tagline “where moms meet and chat” has only one mom chatting for now, me that is. Lol!

Thanks again to Bryan for helping me install the header and for fixing my adsense codes. Otherwise, the dungu that I am will take a few weeks in trying to install it and will be none the wiser that my adsense ads aren’t showing! And to think I picked this theme because it is an Ads Minded WordPress Theme. Lol!

Feeling really happeeeee today because I got the look I wanted for my blog.

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