New Blog Teething Problems

The clock doesn’t tell the correct time. I wanted to put in a “recent posts” plugin but don’t know how. I wanted to export my subscription from Bloglines but had problems exporting the opml file so I had to manually update my links. Bleargh!

I only managed to figure out how to post photos after a few tries. I’m not sure I know how to reply to comments. But I don’t have time to learn……… how to do anything else further with this blog accept write this post!

Guess I’ll have to be patient for now.

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4 thoughts on “New Blog Teething Problems

  1. Slowly lah…after you learn all the skills, you teach me okay? For my new domain. Muahahahahah!~

    Can. Can. No problem. If I know I will share. Only I’m afraid I’m still at the bottom of the learning curve.

  2. Don’t know you figure this out already but in case not, this is what you do. For the time, under Date & Time, Times in the weblog should differ by: put +8. (M’sia time same as S’pore right?)

    For recent posts, use the following in your template. No need to use plugin.

    You can change the limit and also truncate numbers.

    I think mine is +6. I changed it to +8 earlier on but it didn’t make a difference. Maybe it takes time to show. I was afraid of messing things up so I removed my changes. Will try again. Thanks.

  3. ?php wp_get_archives(‘type=postbypost&limit=10$title|truncate:15:”…”‘); ?

    It didn’t appear in earlier post. Because I use the angular bracket. You must add those front and back.

    Oh, I hope I know where to put that in. 😛

  4. Go under your sidebar, where you see all your other stuff like recent comments, then this one goes under or above. But you must put a heading. Just follow the one for recent comments.

    One resource you want to check out always is which has tutorials and also the forum is very good in answering some of our queries. I learnt from those places too.

    The timing thing is a bit odd, that it is not showing up. Try a search on time stamp on the forum. I might have missed out certain things too.

    Thanks again! I’m pretty busy this month. So I guess I’ll just have to go slow and learn how to do this in my own time.

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