This one’s for me!

This blog is reserved for my personal rantings and thoughts. So, this one’s for me and its all about me. Lol! And I have a lot of thoughts, all the time. (Don’t all kpc bloggers?)

I shall be really, really busy in the coming weeks starting with next week. Not sure if I will even be able to get near the pc so………… sob sob sob. My blogging may have to take a break even though I like to play around with my new blog.

I have so many things I want to blog about! (But not enough time) so we’ll see……. I’ll try to sneak a few minutes here and there if possible for my blogging.

Thank you everybody for joining in my blog housewarming. 🙂

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11 thoughts on “This one’s for me!

  1. To change permalinks to show post title,


    choose 2nd option or Custom, where you can remove the date as well. But don’t remove the words,”index.php.”.

    Done. Thank you so much! 


  2. Hey congrats on your new blog, MG. Love the new header, very cute esp the little boy with 1 hair standing LOL.

    I generated it from one of those online header/banner generators.

  3. MG, cannot wait….beh tahan….always have to ‘ban ban tan’ after being kept in suspense. Will be back daily except Sat & Sun and Pub hols. 🙂
    I’m on holidays from next Friday onwards, what am I going to do? Please, please post many, many rantings, thoughts and stories of yours. 🙂

    As usual, I wish I had more time!

  4. Dearest Miss Mumsgather,

    I love this blog so much. Please, keep on blogging.

    You have done a great work for the whole time. I do truly believe that you’re a superb mother and a brilliant writer 😀

    Brilliant writer? I hope to be. Hehe. Superb mother? Far from it!

    See ya!

  5. Keong HEE Keong Hee!!!!

    Hope there’s still champagne bubblings!!!!

    Of course! Of course! Hehe. It’ll probably bubble for about say a month long as it’ll take some time for old readers to discover this blog. Not everyone follows blogs daily so it’ll take some time to reach here.

  6. congrats on your new blog 🙂 it’s been quite some time since i last visited your blog and suddenly it’s the all new mumsgather 🙂 well, keep up the blogging, woman, i love all your posts 😉 as for me, i haven’t been blogging as much as i like lately 🙁

    Been too busy working to update blog?

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