The other day, after shopping with my sisters, I bought a t-shirt and trousers which I thought fit me. I normally don’t do very much shopping for myself so it was a bit of an impulse buy. My sisters and I agree that we are bad influence for each other. Each time we go shopping together we are bound to compliment each other “Hey! You look really nice in that!” etc which is a definite inducement to buy!

The next day, after wearing my new outfit, here are the comments I received from my family.

Mr MG: What are you wearing!? How come not wearing my favourite pants?

My Girl: Mummy, you look like an elephant.

MG: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So ladies, does your family comment and influence what you wear? Men, do you comment on what your wife wears?

Psssst. I don’t think I really looked like an elephant in it, a small hippo maybe. She just came back from the zoo with her daddy thats why! Hahaha.

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