Everything is Blogable!

You know you’re a blogaholic serious blogger when everything is blogable.

  • you go to a restaurant and you shoot photos of your food because you think they will look great on your blog
  • you stay home to eat and you think that you might want to share your home cooking recipe with your blog readers
  • your neighbours annoy you or you receive bad service somewhere and you think to yourself “Oooh! I am so gonna rant about this on my blog!”
  • you see some nice decorations at the mall and wish you had brought along your digcam so you can share the scene on your blog
  • you have a blogger’s block and you don’t know what to write but you still manage to come up with a post that says “I have nothing to say today”
  • you are happy, sad or mad and you blog about it
  • you go on a holiday and you take many photos for your blog
  • you do crafts with your kids and you take pictures and blog about it
  • you buy something new for yourself and you blog about it
  • you go on a diet and you blog about what you eat or don’t eat

I could go on and on because the list is endless since everything is blogable. I’ll leave you other serious bloggers (ahem!) to continue with the list. Hehe.

Why am I writing this post? I was very busy last week and didn’t get to be near the pc very much so I’m suffering from blog withdrawal symptoms.

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13 thoughts on “Everything is Blogable!

  1. Yes, but depending on who you speak to, there are also tons of things that are off limits. For instance, most of us would not want to violate our personal space, by airing intimate matters of the heart. And many of us would prefer not to voice controversial viewpoints which will upset people.

    In truth, a blog is like a private dinner party with friends. Most things are ok to talk about, but you may want to protect your own privacy, and to some extent, be considerate to other people’s sensitivities.

    You’re mighty serious on a Monday morning. Hehe. Maybe I should have called this post “Almost everything is blogable” eh? I think it depends on the individual. Some say that blogging is like “sending an email to the world” as opposed to “a private dinner party”.

  2. eh pablopabla, there’s no mention of hotel blogging so you don’t exactly fit the bill yet 🙂

    He’s got his hochiak and lenses blog so he fits the bill alright!

  3. So sorry MG.. I didn’t know u had moved. 🙂
    Very nice header drawing you have there.

    Sometimes me too run out of blog topic. Don’t want to review too much I guess. Hahaha….

    Ah… you do some self cencorship eh? I should put up the “Sudah pindah” sign more prominently. And I didn’t draw the header, I generated it from a header generator. Hehe.

  4. There have been many times I felt like typing, “Nothing to blog about” and leave it as that. Then I saw Csaba’s blog one day which has just one word, “Nothing”….I thought that was pretty cool. 🙂
    I think I am not a serious blogger. 🙁

    You are a serious blogger if you have ever “blogged in your head”.

  5. I agree with Caprice… we do need to ‘reserve’ some privacy and not blog about it… unless we blog as an anonymous blogger.

    Yes, I suppose some have to reserve some privacy especially if they post photos of themselves all over their blog!

  6. Hi MG,
    I was so inspired by you going dotcom that i also went dot.com..hehe
    Will you add me to your list please.

    I will definitely link you as soon as I find the time to update my link list.

  7. So me, lol. But i’ve outgrown the take pics part. U know lah, we’ve gotta come up will something between out paid posts, hoh. At the rate i’m going, i’m still able to come up with “something blogable”…. amazing, huh. Now, with 5 blogs…. i’m gonna go chisin soon. Wahhh, u’re gonna get paid soon….. syiok eh, the feeling.

    Yee? So ngam one? I was reading your blog when I heard “ta dum” and saw email from comment you left me on my blog. Its like I went to your house to visit you but you were at my house. Hahaha. Ya lor, I oni got 4 blogs, 1 which is quite inactive buden write until chisin adi. You got 5, I tabik! That Lilian woman has 11 maybe more now, I don’t know how she does it!

  8. Dats why we always say us mamas are damn great at multitasking, with family affairs, ibs’, hubby’s work, kids, knit…. also still can find time to blog.

    It looks like the more kids we have the better we are at multitasking eh?

  9. MG-me still newbie mah… so let the photo do the talking most of the time unlike u and some old-timers… no photos also high traffic… 😛

    Well, if you want to get traffic from search engines, you gotta use words, not photos. Hehehe.

  10. Sounded like what I did. Wherever I go/went, I would snap snap snap and put into my blog esp. the places I’ve been and food I’ve tasted. It’s good in a way dat I can remember and recall from my blog what I did, where I went and what I tasted.

    Yalor hor, its a good pictorial reminder.

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