What does 2007 hold for me?

Thank you to all those who visited my blogs with holiday wishes and New Year greetings. I have been too busy to update my blogs. No, not busy having a holiday but busy with other things.

Today is just the 3rd day into the New Year. How is it for everyone? Its back to school, back to work and back to routine for most of us. So how is it so far for everyone?

For me, I’m feeling burned out and stressed up. There is much to do and very little time to do it. What a way to start the year eh? I do not know what 2007 holds for me but I know that one thing I wish very dearly for is to have good health throughout the year. That is the topmost on my wish list. Everything else pales in comparison.

What do each of you wish for this year? Well, I hope that whatever it is, it comes true for you and I wish you all good health and happiness and of course a very Happy New Year.

Happy 2007!

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8 thoughts on “What does 2007 hold for me?

  1. Ooohhhh..hope your moving goes smoothly for you. Hope health-wise your whole family will only suffer colds, nothing worse than that. Lastly, hope that you win strike big lottery (to finance your new home!)!!!

    The moving is not very smooth so far… but thanks anyway.

  2. Hi dear friend, no special wishes for me this year except to be healthy and thin and rich and smart and rich (did I already mention rich) and thin and smart and rich naaaahhh, ain’t happenin in this life time. Have a good move, take things easy too. Take care, hugs to kids.

    You take care too my dear.

  3. Hi MG,

    You sound very busy leh… anyhow, I like the new site – clean and neat. Did anyone tell you that you write well?
    Anyhow, waiting to exchange links with you… I suppose you are working from home (blogging?) Can I feature you in my http://www.homeofficewomen blog?

    Have a blessed and bountiful 2007.

    Stay in touch.

    Feature away. Lol! Thanks Doris. You have a Happy New Year 2007 too!

  4. Dearest Miss Mumsgather,

    Sorry if I’m late to wish you Happy New Year 😉 May all the happiness and lovely things happen for you and your beloved family. Let the magic begin…

    *gambatte ne*

    Happy New Year to you too MamaFiza.

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