Bad encounters at Ikea

I normally don’t like to write posts to criticise establishments but I’m rattled so here goes….

Bad encounter #1

I wanted to buy some bulky items at Ikea and have it home delivered. However I was not very sure of the procedure. I thought that for home deliveries I had to pay for the items first then inform home delivery that I wanted those items delivered. I did not know that I had to pick up the items first, pay for it, then go to home deliveries and asked for those items to be delivered. While I was pondering about what to do, I approched a bored looking Ikea staff to ask. He gave me a scornful look and said “Most people who are here come here all the time so they know what to do already.”  before he proceeded to help me pick up my items.

My thoughts: Well, Mr bored looking gentleman. I don’t come here all the time because I don’t buy furniture everyday and besides its your job to assist me. You must be either underpaid or a not very happy employee to behave in this manner.

Bad encounter #2

So I paid for the items and took them to home delivery to arrange for a delivery time. I stressed that I wanted them delivered at 6.00pm on the date we requested because no one was home before that. On the date in question, the delivery man rang at 12.00pm and said, I am in your area, can I come now?

My thoughts: Not very nice of them to change timing last minute but they were just trying their luck since they were “in the area” so thats forgiveable.

Bad encounter #3 

Eventually they came at 1.00pm, not in a nice Ikea truck I had envisioned but in an old open top red and brown lorry. One of the items was chipped so the delivery guy said we had to call customer service to arrange for a replacement. Calling customer service is a pain. The phone would ring endlessly till it gets cut off. After I finally got through we fixed a date but was not allowed to fix a time for delivery. “Wait for home delivery to call you” I was told.

When home delivery rang me they told me, “Your delivery is slotted for 4-5pm on this date.” I tried to change the time to a later time because no one was home then but was told “Cannot. We’re full.” I tried to change to another date and was told “Cannot. I don’t know. You have to speak to customer service” then the line was passed to customer service and it rang till it went dead.

I called up customer service again and got another date but when I tried to arrange the time I was told “Cannot. You have to wait for home delivery to call you one day before the delivery date.” I asked if they could put a note there to inform delivery of my preferred time since I would not be home at certain times. “Cannot, you have to wait for home delivery to call you.” I then asked them what would happen if they called and they can’t give me a time which is convenient on that fixed date? “Well, then your delivery will be postponed.” they said.

My thoughts: Everyone from the staff at the store to the delivery call center and even the customer service person was not very helpful and sounded rude. I know they had certain procedures to follow but they were not willing to discuss anything beyond that. I was met with a “cannot” answer with no other solutions being offered. They were allowed to change the timing of delivery at their last minute whim but we the customer are only allowed to fix a time convenient to us one day before delivery and if that time was not suitable we had to go through the hassle of calling the customer service staff and repeat the procedure all over again! The staff must be very unhappy to work there or underpaid. Shopping at Ikea has been a rather unpleasant experience for me. I’ll try to limit my shopping there in the future thats for sure.


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  1. Paris Beaverbanks says:

    Hmm… I have never dealt with their delivery or customer service but after reading your experience I’m going to think twice about buying bulky items from there. Thanks for the heads up

    No problem. Hopefully bloggers can make a difference by sounding out eh?

  2. Shooi says:

    I was just reading the other day how pleasant my colleague Ikea experience in Sgp was. Hmm… another “malaysia boleh” attitude here. :p

    In this case, its Malaysia tak boleh lah.

  3. Suzette says:

    I can feel your frustration from your writing. It is really a pain to call any customer service (in my opinion). Their service is really bad in that sense!

    I wonder why is it so that almost all customer service phones rings with no one answering. Either that or you have to listen to a string of recorded phone messages and stupid elevator music and never get to speak to any customer service personnel. Hmmph. This is not in relation to Ikea alone but to many customer service or call centers here.

  4. RyeUrn says:

    Well its only because there is ONE IKEA in Malaysia, though I must say when I was in Sweden, the service at IKEA was impeccable.

    Too bad they couldn’t emulate that good service in Ikea Malaysia.

  5. SiwwyPig says:

    I never been to the IKEA in Malaysia but the one in Perth. Honestly, after reading, all I can say is Malaysia Boleh.. In my opinion, those people are either underpaid or had a fight with their lovers or waiting to go off work to go for a drink or two.

    I think it is their general attitude. Majority of the services I get in Malaysia, like in the banks, most of the time I was greeted with people who thinks you are wasting their time attitude. Really Malaysia Boleh attitude… Wonder when all this will change.. *sigh*

    “In my opinion, those people are either underpaid or had a fight with their lovers or waiting to go off work to go for a drink or two. ” – You said it. That’s the only explanation I can think of for their grumpy disposition.

  6. sesame says:

    Wa, sucks really, your experience. Our Ikea here is always proficient. I only have good things to say about them. That’s why we always head there for fun, even if we have nothing to buy.

    Oh boy, I’m jealous.

  7. michelle says:

    And they charge you for stressing you up. How silly! Ikea concept, DIY, even delivery.

    Too bad my car is so small otherwise I wouldn’t pay the RM65 for delivery.

  8. Sasha says:

    same thing happened to me la. very bad experience.

    Yah kah. Share share la. Or did you share share on your blog and I missed it?

  9. clair says:

    All their staff are called ‘co-workers’ from boss all the way down. I think that’s why they think they’re too high and mighty to deal with minions like us.

    Wait till you start using their stuff. Bought a few things from them. Big gaps in doors, drawers falling out, things fall apart pretty quick even with careful use. Terrible quality considering their astronomical profit margin!

    Oh no! Now you’re telling me.

  10. kat says:

    That bad, eh? The only time I bought a sofa from them, I arranged for my own lorry as they don’t deliver to my area.

    My hubs also bought from them in Abu Dhabi. No problems there. They provide free delivery for purchases over 1K. And they even assembled the dining set for us.

    I think in places where there are kwailohs, they don’t dare to give bad service because kwailohs will complain to the top management. I think we should do that here, too. Not just fume and complain about it privately. Better still, write in to The Star!! 😀

    Well, the only problem around here is sometimes top management has the same attitude. I have complained before, sometimes even in very nicely worded and polite letters with no results. What a waste of time especially when you’re very busy.

  11. Angeleyes says:

    I used to buy lots of stuff from Ikea when I was in S’pore and so far no problems at all and service wise was excellent. However, I’ve not purchased anything bulky from Ikea M’sia so can’t really comment. My brother did bought quite a lot of stuff from them when he moved into his new house and I never heard of bad experiences from him… so probably you are one of those unlucky customers?

    Yes, just my luck!

  12. FireHorse says:

    Returning stuff at Ikea has always been a pain. Hate it, sorry you had to encounter their rude unhelpful staff, did you write a complain in or fill in their “Satisfaction” form, I am sure they have one. But then again, at times like this I just want to forget they even exist and ty to erase all unpleasant images of them.

    You know how busy I am right now. No time to fill form!

  13. FireHorse says:

    Oh btw your “Amazing Nasi Lemak” stall is ready. Seems like nasi lemak is a very popular choice many people want to “sell” it so you should make good money from now on right? He He

    Yea! Thank you. Long time I haven’t cooked nasi lemak oledi. I used to make quite a mean one yunno. Steaming the rice with santan, shallots and lemon grass makes it taste yummy!

  14. mott says:

    Poor thing. Can feel this post so frust only! Well..if U really chose to boycott Ikea’s’s a good thing, becoz after sometime (within a year), it tends to sag in the middle. So much for quality/quantity testing!! Why not U (ahem!)…anonymously send this post to their customer service email? HEH HEH HEH….!!!!

    Sag in the middle? Sounds like me!

  15. Julian says:

    Its the staff working in EACH respective countries that Ikea has stores on that caused the bad name for them. I have bought MANY Ikea stuff in Australia, first class service!

    Oh ya, please be reminded Ikea furnitures, especially those with screws and nuts need to have them tighten regularly because they would come loose after a while.

    Thanks for the reminder. I’ll make sure I tighten them periodically then. 🙂

  16. allthingspurple says:

    i absolutely hate that dour looking chap dishing out food at their restaurant. Didnt they teach them customer service?

    Lol! Luckily I didn’t bump into any dour looking chap when I was there. Phew!

  17. particleboardconman says:

    Well, sorry to heard about your unpleasant encounter in IKEA Malaysia. Maybe I could clear up a few midst of your frustrations. Yes, I do agree on your statement of IKEA Customer Service is basically pretty much useless. You’ve guessed correctly on one of the reason. They are all underpaid. That’s why you can now see a lot of Bangladeshies wearing IKEA’s shirt around the trolley and restaurant area. I think in a 1 or 2 more years, you’ll be seeing all of the workers there are Bangladesh. Why ? it’s either cheaper labour ( to show you how cheap is their boss ) or their current Customer Service Manager is olso a Bangla.

    It’s quite unfair to judge IKEA Malaysia with IKEA from the rest of the world. The main reason why I’m saying this is because that IKEA Malaysia is a franchise business agreement. In another words, IKEA Malaysia is pretty much a “CHINA MAN” business mentality. Nothing to concern with IKEA International.

    And do you know why that the “Home Delivery” Service is so “GRAND” where the Customer Service have to protect them ? Cause “Home Delivery” is an outsourced service from IKEA. And the best part is, the tauke of IKEA Malaysia is the man behind this company too. So, masuk pocket lah without paying to IKEA international.

    I think now you would pretty much aware on what’s going on and why you had received such treatment. And trust me, it’s pointless that if you’d taken this issue of yours to the top management. Because the boss is the biggest snake. He’ll definately be sending his managers to attend you while he’s too busy counting the money he had profited from selling cheap poor quality furnitures to idiots like me and you.

    Ohh, before I end. Let me share a little secret with you. You can find some product in IKEA Malaysia which you can’t find it in any IKEA store worldwide. Why ? Had it even crossed your mind that maybe IKEA product is not IKEA product at all ?

    Yes, I know. You can find some locally made rattan chairs there which I don’t think you will find in IKEA store worldwide.

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