Once upon a time I was a carefree single girl with a house, car and job (translates to money) of her own. Now, I’m a dependant housewife with no car, job or house to call her own. I go everywhere with the hubby because I depend on him for transport. He pays for my bills and gives me pocket money.

Hmmm…. so whats the dilemma? Well, the hubby’s birthday is coming and there is no more element of surprise. What do you get someone who is with you all the time and who gives you the money you spent and pays for your bills? How do you plan to give him a suprise gift? When to buy (when you’re together all the time and he knows how much and what you spend on?) and what to buy? Thats a tough one.

Well, writing paid posts and being paid by paypal just solved my dilemma. Hehe. I just ordered some marvel comics (the big boy’s favourite kinda books) from ebay using my paypal money. Its supposed to be a surprise but I couldn’t afford to pay for the shipping which is very expensive so I have opted for economy mail. That means I can’t get it to him on time for his birthday nor will it get here on time for Valentines.

Awww shucks! Never mind lah. Its the thought that counts right? It’ll be belated but still a surprise. I hope he likes it and doesn’t “scold” me for being frivolous and spending my hard earned money paying for 3.5 times the exchange rate plus shipping! 😛 Hehehe. This is my first time shopping online and its scary, the ease of it!

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