This blog has a google page rank of 4

Yesterday when I checked, I discovered that this blog now has a google page rank of 4 and its not even 3 months old yet. Yippee!! *doing happy dance, happy dance* Woohoo!

The page rank is important to me because it means I can take up or write more paying posts since some advertisers require a higher page rank blogger. (money, money, money, thats all I talk about these days).  When this blog reaches 3 months old, I’m going to submit it for approval and bombard my poor readers with more sponsored posts.

Do bear with me. As far as I’m concerned, paid posts aren’t really all that bad and I don’t understand the negative press on it. Readers have a choice to read or to skip the posts. The sponsored posts are not strictly blantant advertisements. They’re press releases and sometimes I even come across interesting sites and links when I write.

So now I have 2 sites with a google page rank of 5 (my Parenting Times and Mothering Times both have a google page rank of 5) and one more with a google page rank of 4. (this blog). I’ve got one more blog (Quotes Station) which I love but don’t have time to update so that stays at 0. Not a bad achievement at all for a dependant housewife. Yee har! *more happy dance* 

Now if everyone will excuse the self praise party, I really should be off now to start doing some real work, around the house that is, instead of around the blog before my old man comes after me! 


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13 thoughts on “This blog has a google page rank of 4

  1. Wow congrats! Like Ah Pek I can’t get mine to move past the 0 :p

    Last time it took me 6 months to get from 0-5 for a new blog but this is like a continuation of my old blog so maybe thats why a bit faster lah.

  2. Wow, where you check? My viva woman still 0 neh! So jealous…heehee…

    I can’t remember but just go and google “google pagerank checker” and you will get a list of sites to check from. 😉

  3. Google’s PR very erratic. Mine goes from zero to 3 to 5 and vice versa.

    I still dare not write the high PR opps. They may discover that my blog is 0 or 3 when they check my posts.

    Is that so? Mine usually stays static at 0 or at 5. 😛 The one that I don’t update stays at 0. The blogs I update regularly stays at 5. 🙂

  4. Happy for you too. *clap clap clap*

    It’s reward for your efforts and dedication in maintaining your blog, I’ll say 😀

    Good job.

    Thank you for the “Good job” and thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

  5. Congrats happy for you. HOpe you get to make more money, ok.

    If you’re considering writing paid posts too (and your blog has got what it takes to generate income) remember to use me as referral. (Big Hint!) My PPP referral button can be found on my Parenting Times and Mothering Times blog. You can submit your blog once it is 90 days old. 🙂

  6. Congratulations! Mine too, still 0, very sad about it! Anyway, we’re making a living by writing paid post, so there’s really nothing wrong what…

    Nope, nothing wrong at all. Its a decent and legitimate way to make a living. Not robbing, stealing or cheating.

  7. Hi, congrats on this new site. I’m your loyal reader. Well done.
    While you’re fretting over income since you’re a home-maker, I’m furious over the daycare centre that took care of my toddler. Check out my recent unhappiness of the centre in my family’s blog. Cheers and hope to see more of your work.

    Cheers. I’m coming right over! 🙂

  8. Hey MG… congrats! You did it again! I’m still waiting for your guidance and tips lah…

    I believe I need guidance and tips from you, not the other way around. Your sites look really good.

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