This meme is started by Pablo Pabla. I was one of the first few he tagged for the first time in his blogging life (according to him) for the Top 5 movies tag but then I donch watch movies so I didn’t do the meme. (Sorry har)

Very fast following his first tagging, he has now started his own meme pulak! This feller is really fast. Well, he didn’t tag me for this one (I not your favourite ah? hehe) so I thick skinned asked 5xMom to tag me loh. So here it is. My 5 favourite Malaysian Bloggers.

1. 5xMom – We started blogging around the same time. She was the one who passed this incurable blogging virus to me. In this 2  years of blogging she has grown tremendously as a blogger. Simply incredible. I love her sense of humour, her wit, and the way she does not mince her words. (You better not step on her tail or else…..) However don’t be fooled by her tough words, she is really very nice and extremely helpful. This blog on my own domain came about all because of her being an inspiration and taking time to help me out when I email her for help) Reading her blogs (and she has more than I can keep track with) always puts a smile on my face and sometimes makes me laugh aloud till my girl will ask me “Mummy, why you so happy?”

2. Overseasmom or Fatty Poh – Because she is my personal friend so I am biased but seriously even if she were not I would enjoy reading her blog and I am sure you would too. She just started her blog not long ago but she already has more readers than me. So jeles! Hahaha. We go back a long way, Fatty Poh and I. *Counting fingers* errrr not enough fingers. Thats how long we have known each other and I am so happy that she is now a blogger and we can continue to stay in touch through our blogs.

3. Maria previously blogging on Double Happiness now still blogging on in her Chinese Blog. – Another blogger who started blogging around the same time with me. I still remember feeling so thrilled when I received hers and Lilian’s (5xmom) comments on my blog because they were the very first visitors on my blog back then. I love the analogy she used to describe life and other mundane things and felt very sad when she stopped blogging in English on her Double Happiness blog because I can’t read Chinese! Serves me right for climbing trees instead when the Chinese cikgu came to teach us during the primary school Chinese lessons.

4. Loopy Meals – I enjoy reading James’ blog about his Mae and Jesse. (James, Mae and Jesse sounds like something out of a cowboy movie don’t you think. Hehe.) He is a drama king but he says his wife Mae is the drama queen. Hah! He really has a way with words and I think he should write a book because he writes so well. Glad to know that Mae has now started a blog too.

5. Mr B who blogs under the pseudonym Buaya69 and Belachans to house his split personality. His Buaya blog is an eye opener for me on how da buaya’s think. LOL! His sizling buaya tales used to have a big following but these days I think he is too busy to blog. But da buaya is really a loving husband and father on his family blog. Mrs B is also very sweet and sent me an encouraging email once when I needed it very much. Thank you Mr and Mrs B for your support.

I have many more favourite blogs but Mr Pablo Pabla said 5 oni wor so now I’m going to pass the baton on to these 5 others:

  1. Sasha (Take your time girl and do this only when you feel better)

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