Losing momentum to blog

I was busy moving house and that explains why I was MIA to those who cared enough to ask. Usually when that happens, ie. when I am unable to blog for a few days or weeks, I start to lose my momentum to blog.

Suddenly I run out of things to write. I view my bloglines feedreader which I use mainly for subscribing and reading my favourite blogs and am overwhelmed by the few hundred updates!

I’ve still got many things to get in order, like my broadband for example and need to settle down first before I can get back my blogging momentum. I’ll probably need another week or two to settle in and hopefully I get back my blogging momentum by then. I still need to earn money! If I don’t blog, I don’t get paid. Hehehe.

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2 thoughts on “Losing momentum to blog

  1. Girlfriend please take it easy, money is not as important as health so don’t pile too much on your plate. Moving is very stressful research say it is equiv to the stress of losing a love one, so it’s major stress, take it easy, mwaaaaah.

    Yup! Its definitely a major stress, thats for sure!

  2. I know how you feel. The time when I was away for 2 weeks, when I got back, I lost the momentum. This time round also, I just got back from a one week break, and I don’t feel like blogging like before , I have enough posts to last me till the end of month though (advance posting) …

    Yah, I don’t feel like blogging as before too but when I blog daily then I have more and more to blog about. Strange isn’t it? I would have thought it would be the other way around. 

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