We completed our Chinese New Year clothes shopping in one day. We need another day for food shopping. And thats it! We’re all done. What a mad rush! But thats all the time we have.

How I love to be able to browse around slowly, picking up items for the kids and myself at a leisurely pace. Hah! Wake up! Thats just a dream. With so many things to do and so many outstanding tasks, if we don’t limit our shopping time for Chinese New Year, we’d never get anything done.

And so there we were, rush, rush, rush, pick, pick, pick. We managed to get the man’s hair cut on the same day, we managed to bring dad along and picked a shirt for him and we got clothes for ourselves and clothes and shoes for the kids. 

Now its just food shopping and we’re ready for Chinese New Year. Need to get some cookies, mandarins, barbequed meat and thats about it. How is everyone else’s Chinese New Year preparations coming along? As rushed as ours? 


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