Changes at ReviewMe

I read on the ReviewMe blog that you can now set your own Review pricing for your blogs. I’m happy with my pricing and the reviews that I have been receiving for the time being so I probably won’t change anything for now but its an interesting development. Although my Review orders have been few, they are very relevant to my blogs and I have enjoyed doing most of them. The subject fit is certainly there because the Advertisers get to choose the bloggers instead of the other way around.

However, I do wonder how does one get noticed when its so competitive. There are so many blogs for the Advertisers to choose from. How do they have the time to sieve through all and notice or find the right ones that will meet their needs? Perhaps they will miss out on some good bloggers as well as some good fit?

You will now also be able to manually update your blog statistics to reflect the latest numbers plus watch out for the ReviewMe affiliate program which is expected to go live on March 1.

All very interesting changes which I’m watching and looking forward to.



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2 thoughts on “Changes at ReviewMe

  1. I like your template! So cute! =)

    Is Review Me good? I’m currently using PPP now. Wouldn’t mind trying something new though..


    Thanks. I generated it from a banner generator. It was really simple to do.

    Yes, I like ReviewMe because it pays well. Your blogs will be given a price when you submit it and you will receive 50% of that amount for every Review ordered from your blog. For example, this blog was priced at US$60 so I receive US$30 for each review. You can submit up to 6 blogs. However, you don’t get to pick what you want to write as with PPP. At ReviewMe you have to wait till an Advertiser picks you. So the offers are fewer. You should try it. Too bad its not March 1st yet eh or you could sign up through me using the new ReviewMe Affiliate program. Lol!

  2. I just changed my USD60 to USD80 for my Make Money blog. The rest I dare not change cos competition is keen. But that Make Money, act like very laku, so increase the price so I stand amongst the giants. Hehehe, another tricky sneaky way ya?

    Hahaha. I like that. Ppl decrease their price becos sked of competition but you up your price to stand among the giants. Good strategy. 😉

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