Everyone needs my attention

The kids are still very young and need a lot of attention. They fight with each other to speak to me and climb on me or request to be carried and hugged………ALL DAY LONG! Its hard to hear when they both speak to me at the same time.

By evening when the hubby is home, I struggle to listen because now 3 people are talking to me at the same time. Hubby’s had a hard day at work so he too wants some tender loving care and attention in the evening but usually he has to wait in line behind the kids. Poor dear.

The only time I get to myself is in the mornings after hubby has left for work and before the kids wake up. Other times are short spurts when I am working in the kitchen or when I am in the toilet but usually there is no respite there. The kids follow me and talk to me even when I am in the toilet. *rolls eyes* There is no place to hide. Even my usual hiding places ie the toilet and kitchen has been invaded! Hahaha.

Guess I’ll have to live with this and enjoy it for I’ll surely miss it if no one wants my attention and leaves me alone instead. 🙂

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  1. dragonmummy says:

    haha… does your kids shout on top of the lung when you are in the toilet asking whether you are doing big or small biz and whether u r done? My kids does that until the neighbour also can hear….very embarrasing…

    Of course! Hahaha.

  2. Mama Bok says:

    Hey.. MG,
    I guess i am luckier .. because as soon as PB comes home… he is to take care of Chloe. .and let me take a break.. hahahhaa!! But like right now.. she is watching spongebob.. so i can relax a wee bit too.. and when we are at the store.. we share the entertaining together. Plus PB donch like talking so much.. so i’m kinda good.. once chloe goes to bed.. 😉

    Oh you lucky you. I’m so jealous. Haha.

  3. Yvy says:

    MG!!!! wah, i so long not come and see u and look how much u’ve done. good on ya!!! 🙂 anyway, i try to drop in as much as possible since me n hubby both net junkies so always fighting to be online. but me coming home to msia this saturday so no one to fight me for 3 months. yay!! 🙂 i’ll bee seeing u more…:)

    Hey there Yvy. Back for 3 months? Wow! Thats very nice. You should visit my Mothering Times blog. I have lots of tips for you there (go back to the early archives at the start of the blog) especially if you plan to breastfeed later on. BTW, how did you manage  to do your subdomain on your own for your kecik’s blog hah? So clever lah you.

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