I hate Spam! I hate Spam!

I hate Spam! Part of my day is wasted deleting spam. Its everywhere. In my emails, on my blog comments. The worse is probably on this blog. I have to sieve through and delete hundreds of spam daily! Its terribly annoying.

Worse of all, there is this site that sometimes picks up my blog posts as soon as I click publish. I think its automated or something. As soon as I hit publish, I receive a trackback ping and when I check out, I find this site with my article in it word for word. Has anyone ever encountered this? It doesn’t happen for every post, just some. 

Can anyone share with me how they handle spam please? Thank you.


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11 thoughts on “I hate Spam! I hate Spam!

  1. So far, mine still bearable. How about switching it to “delete from spambox” every 2 days??? I think 5xmom would have a much bigger problem.

    How do you do that? ie “delete from spambox” every 2 days. I really am quite blur about this.

  2. hey..I was just wondering..how do you actually check your trackback ping? Is it from the wordpress dashboard?

    Ummm I don’t really know. Each time there is a tracback ping, I receive it on my comment box so I just click from there. Thats not very helpful info to you, sorry. 😛

  3. You are notified of a trackback ping via email if an exact post URL is posted in another website (if the option is turned on in your WP Options).

    It could be that a particular website has your RSS feed in them and pick up certain key words.

    Yeah, I thought its probably something like that but how do we as bloggers stop this from going on I wonder.

  4. So do I! So do I!

    You didn’t activate the Akismet Plugin meh? Comes with wordpress wor. I find the new version very effective.

    AhPek, you know lah, I blur blur mya housewife, what Akismet, Ikissmet whatever oso I dunno. Must go and do more homework liao. I just like to write and post on my blog. I hate all this “Admin” work that is associated with it.

  5. I use a combination of Bad Behavior and Akismet. Bad Behavior takes care of the spam bots before they even enter your blog. Akismet clear up the rest. So out of the 1000+ spam that I’m supposed to get a day, only about 5 or so needs to be cleared by Akismet.

    There is a catch though, if the user has spyware on their system, Bad Behavior blocks them from commenting as well until the Spyware is cleared and deleted. It’s a good way or reminding the user that they are infected. They really shouldn’t have spyware on their system in the first place.

    Okiedokie. Thank you very much for the link and thanks for sharing. Must do something about it. The spam comments come in about every 5 minutes or so.

  6. I have those pingback too..they seem like ‘stolen’ our post and directly put in their blog wor…I think all the post at their blog are from others blog too…how come like tat one? can meh? then that blog owner mai very untung can post without writing lor?

    Yah yah, all our hardwork writing being stolen as soon as we post!

  7. For spams : Bad Behavior + Akismet + Spam Karma 2!

    For pingback : Go shaolintiger.com. I remembered he wrote a post on how to disable pingback for old entries. Maybe that might solve your pingback problem. 🙂

    Hey Jason, Thanks. I’ll check it out as soon as I can find the time.

  8. I’m using askimet.. each day got a few hundred spam comments in askimet…Just click the button to delete all without even skimming through first

    As for email spam…all gone in to special spam folders, just click empty spam…. 😀 if any of the non spam mails go there, sorry la…surely I dont get to read.

    Oh is that right? Maybe I have that too then. I’m so blur. I just have to click to select all, then delete but wouldn’t that mean accidentally deleting genuine comments if you don’t sieve through it first?

  9. Since I’m using WP, Askimet will do the job but sometimes genuine comments will also being sent there! And my mailbox is always filled with spams… don’t know where they got my email from. I have even change my email setting on my blog page…if you did noticed…

  10. Sheesh…i am getting those ping backs too. You’re right, i think it is automated as the entire post is stolen and posted on the web as soon as we post it!

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