My experience so far at Sponsored Reviews

I first heard of Sponsored Reviews from Lilian’s Make$ Money$ blog. Naturally I went to sign up as a blogger because to me, that gives me a wider choice of reviews to write about so that I will be better able to pick those that are relevant to my blogs and topics that are closer to my heart. Oh, I can write on just about anything that is general under the sun (unless its something technical that I don’t have any knowledge about) because I just love to write but if its something close to my heart then I can let my words fly off from my head onto the page with passion and almost effortlessly.

Ok, I’m digressing. This is not a post about why I love to write. Lol! So far, I like Sponsored Reviews. I like the interface and I like it that I have the freedom to price my blogs within a certain given range. I have priced it at the highest within the range because I believe in the quality of my work. I don’t do copy and paste and always make sure I write original content by visiting and understanding the site I am reviewing. My blogs are currently priced at USD40 and I receive 65% for each assignment.

I like the fact that advertisers have the choice to select my blog from a list plus my freedom to bid and negotiate to certain advertisers of my choice. I submitted my blog to Sponsored Review for approval, and received my first assignment plus an approval within 24 hours. Now, I’ll sit back and see if I get paid for my first review in the next 2 weeks. Payment is made 2 weeks after a completed review.

Have you signed up yet? Care to trade stories with me on how you’re doing so far?

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  1. hcfoo says:

    I’ve just registered yesterday and I got my first assignment today. But I must say that there are more opportunities in PayPerPost. Besides PPP provide better deals.

    I think the number of opportunities is not to bad for a newbie but we’ll have to wait to see if its sustainable though.

  2. dragonmummy says:

    I also signed up and blog was approved and task assigned within 2 days. The pay is not as good as PPP but for a newbie like me is better than nothing la. Still working hard to try finish all the opp I can get in a day…but my brain already drained.

    Lol! Theres no such thing as a free lunch. If you want to earn money blogging, like anything else in life, you’ve got to work hard for it yes?

  3. Immomsdaughter says:

    Thanks for the link. I signed up but there was no referral program 🙁 Btw, I also signed up for Nuffnang via your link. Hope you get paid something for that 🙂

    Nope I won’t get paid. Theres some lucky draw or something at Nuffnang but I never win anything at lucky draws so nope, I won’t get paid unless you belanja me teh tarik. Lol! 


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