I have evolved and become a different blogging animal now. Hahaha. I read this old post of mine called Tags, tags and more tags…. written waaaaay back in Sept 19, 2005 and in case anyone still remembers that post (as if they would since even I have forgotten it) I want you all to know that I now love tags! 

Why? Apart from the all too obvious $$$ reasons, tags give me something to write about and lots of link love that is why. It is also a quick and easy way to network with other bloggers and get to know them too. 

So tag me please! (This is an unabashed call for tags. Hehe.) You can be 80% assured that your tag will get done and passed on. And if you feel the same was as I do, drop your comment here and I’ll tag you for sure. Lol!

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