Ever since I submitted my blog urls to get constructive feedback on my blogs, I have been following the PPP blog with sweaty palms and great anticipation and nervousness. They have started reviewing some of the blogs from an advertiser’s point of view and I’m following some of the reviews to find out how to improve my blogs.

I noticed that one of the parts which they have frequently pointed out is the “About Me” section. I was embarrased when I checked mine and saw that it still contained the original wordpress info instead of info about me. (because I didn’t have time and I was too lazy to write!) So I have quickly rectified that and posted in my “About Me” page.

Here’s an excerpt for those of you too lazy to read. Hehe.

I believe that a blog is like your cyber real estate or home. Blogging is not only about writing. When you have a blog you must take care of it. You must tend it with care and love and nurture it so that it grows and appreciates in value. You must take care of it too ie prune the hedges, pull out the weeds (or do your necessary administrative work to improve ie what I call your blog housekeeping, this part I dislike) or change its clothes every now and then (your blog template or look, I am woman and I am vain!), then you must water it so that it will flower (update your blog regularly) and fill it with juice or good content so that the search engines will find you.

I have several blogs to satisfy my different split personalities. Lol! Visit my “Blogs I Write” page to find out about the blogs that I write and maintain on a regular basis (I do nurture, tender to, prune, and water these blogs frequently). Thank you so much for visiting.

Read more here.

Errrmm so what do you think? *more sweaty palms and cold sweat* Is there anything else you would like to know about me that I can add on here? (Why do I feel like I’m asking for trouble with this statement?)

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