A banana (thats me!) wants to learn Chinese Mandarin. In case you don’t know, a banana refers to a Chinese native who doesn’t speak or write Chinese. (ie one that behaves like a white but has yellow skin.)

After some ding dong and lots of thoughts and anxious dreams the night before, after contemplating for days and nights (in my dreams during sleep too) I finally registered my kid for Chinese school. Still being undecided I put two chinese schools as my first and second choice and a kebangsaan school as my third choice. (Like dat oso got). With all the soul searching and deep thought processes we have to go through to make this difficult decision, I’m told we may not even get the school of our choice and we will only find out which school our daughter will be sent to sometime in August next year! Sigh. I guess we will be back to this ding dong session again next year then.

So now, I’ve got a big task. ie to give my kid a little bit of background in Mandarin so she won’t be lost in school and to learn Mandarin myself so that I can guide her a little bit. However I’m told that most banana mothers who choose to do this can only guide for the first two years ie Std One and Two. After that the Mandarin is too deep and they can no longer follow the lessons and have to ask the child to check with their tuition teachers instead.

Hmmm…. so how do I start to learn Mandarin? By being a kid again and going back to the basic strokes. Here are some useful sites and links which I found to start me off. Any other bananas feel free to check them out too.

  1. Chinese Learner – This one’s good for learning basic chinese writing
  2. Kids Fun Chinese – This one has everyday terms. Its meant for preschoolers to have some fun while learning. I’ll probably be playing these games with my girl so we can both learn.

Hope others can share some sites with me too.

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