Eat out or takeaway?

Perhaps I should have called this post “He wants to tapau all the time!” Lol! Because thats what he prefers to do, that man of mine. I have mentioned before that food wars is one of the top ten couple wars ie one of the top ten things couples fight about.

We’re no exception. My sis and her hubby quibbles constantly about what size to chop up the chicken. Me and hubby like to argue about trying new stuff or eating the same old food. Another thing which we can’t seem to agree on is whether to eat in or eat out?

Hubby prefers to tapau (takeaway) most of the time because he likes to eat in the comfort of his own home, on the floor, in front of the tv (bad example for the kids, dear) plus its expensive to eat out (which I totally agree with) whereas I like to eat out for the obvious reasons (can dress up, no need to cook, clean and wash the dishes).

I wonder what other couples fight about? Do you fight about food too? What do you fight about?

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3 thoughts on “Eat out or takeaway?

  1. For us, whether it’s eat in or take away, the bigger issue is for everyone to agree on what to eat!

    Ah yes. This will happen when the kids grow older. Now they just spit out  eat whatever I give them.

  2. We donch fight about food anymore..! i just tell him what i wanna eat.. and he goes out and get it for me.. !! hahhaha!!! if he wants to eat.. he can go get what he wants.. on his own.. he’s a big boy..! he can take care of himself.. hahhahaha!!

    Waaahh very good this papabok. So well trained. Hahaha.

  3. my big pig likes to eat home cooked food… so sometimes i really dono what to cook…no more ideas. Even we eat out…we always end up at the same few places due to $$$, hygiene and parking… so come to think of it, I rather cook… we selcom tapau coz my big pig wants to eat instantly… what a pig rite? LOL

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