Thor is lost at sea!

Boo Hoo Hoo. Sob sob. Mighty Thor. Where art thou? Can’t your Mjolnir save you?

Remember I bought some comics for hubby? Well, it has not arrived yet. I have been in touch with the ebay seller who is trying to help me trace the package or claim insurance. Its been more than 2 months and tracing will take a further 60 days. KNN!

I was kedekut and used economy mail because I didn’t want to be too frivolouse with my hard earned PPP money. I knew the timing would be late missing hubby’s birthday and Valentine’s Day but not this late! Now maybe he’ll get it for his next birthday. Chey!

So yes its true. Thor is officially lost at sea. Either that or……. The Ebay seller and I have come to conclude that the customs here haven’t done with reading them yet. Hmmm…….

I really hope they turn up soon. Sob. sob.

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  1. dragonmummy says:

    I’m also still waiting for my package order from ebay….it’s taking so long… I also suspect it get caught it our custom… I hope they dont find my educational material so interesting and keep it for their own use…. ๐Ÿ˜€

    The last package of Montessori materials arrived in a very torn box… u know what our custom is doing…never bother ordering adult stuffs…. ๐Ÿ˜› , many of my US version Cosmopolitan mags has been confiscated by them.

    Waaaaaah! Why didn’t you tell me? Hehe.

  2. FireHorse says:

    You sure seller sent or not? Me and my suspicious mind, the pictures my sister sent me about 3 months ago oso never arrive yet so maybe got lost just like yours :o(

  3. mott says:

    aik! so sad!!! hate it when snail mail gets lost! I sent something to canada in Jan (postage costed me 3x more than gift inside)…till today..the receiver hasn’t gotten it. sigh!!!

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