Somedays you’re the bug…… somedays you’re the windshield.

I guess that about sums it up about how most of us feel about our other halfs.

First there was a meme to name 10 good reasons why we married our spouses and now there is another one about 10 reasons why they annoy us.

Its really funny to read the 10 good reasons why they annoy us meme which is mostly written by women so far (dunno why) and most of them sound really similar.

Men! and Women! I guess most of us have issues with communication, driving, division of tasks, toilet use etc. It really is true that Men are from Venus and Women are from Mars.

We all have more or less the same issues. So how do we make sure that they’re the windshield more often than the bug? I think the answer lies with us. Change yourself first and you will watch your bug change into a windshield. So shall we all give it a try?

We should start by listing the 10 things that will make our spouses happy, work on them and then see what happens.

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