It was business as usual for us yesterday on Mother’s Day. We went shopping for groceries but since there was a sale we bought some stuff which we had wanted to buy anyway. We bought some pillow cases and a stainless steel water jug or container.

After picking up the water jug, Mr MG said “Here is your Mother’s Day Gift.” to which I replied, “Thank you. For Father’s Day, I shall boil some water and pour them out from this jug for you.” Its confirmed then. We’re an old married couple. I remembered us making this silly joke two to three years ago too when we bought a juicer coincidentally during Mother’s Day. He bought a juicer and I made juice, something like that. Yup, we really are an old married couple. We laugh at the same silly jokes and we have been reduced from juice to water. Lol!

Later on at the supermarket, he bought some ice cream for the kids which gave away some heart shaped boxes as part of their promotion. He had me collect those boxes, passed it to the kids and told them to give it to me since its Mother’s Day. And that was a sweet gesture, coming from him, Mr Unromantic. Hahaha.

I don’t mind not getting flowers, chocolates or a sumptious meal at some fancy restaurant because all I want is for the kids to be happy and healthy and to have a happy family. We have enough stresses from other sources so we need to be a haven to each other and not just another stress factor to one another, something we’re still working on all the time.

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