Do you remember what role you played in your kindergarden concert?

I’m tired of posting serious stuff. So here’s something a little bit more light hearted for a change. 

Do you recall what role you played in your kindergarden concert during the good ole days? Hubby was telling me that he was a tree. Lol! I think he probably made a good tree. Hahaha. He had to wear this brown tree trunk….

I didn’t attend any kindergarden but I remember participating in concerts during my primary school days. I think I was in Standard One at the time. The teachers had brought in some cute little national costumes of different countries and made us try them on. I was supposed to be the little dancing Hawain girl but during practise the teachers said I was too stiff (I’m still stiff. Lol!) so they changed my costume to a little Arabian girl instead, complete with headgear and a scarve to cover my face. Hehe.

Then there was a time during school assembly when I went up to sing. Can you imagine a little girl of about 7 or 8 holding a crepe paper flower and belting out…..

“I realise the way your eyes deceived me, with tender looks that I mistook for love, so take away the flowers that you gave me and send the kind that you remind me of. Paper roses. Paper roses………..”

Hahaha. Cos that was what I sang then “Paper Roses” by Marie Osmond if you still remember her. If you don’t you must be young.

I don’t know why I didn’t feel afraid when I was young. Now if you ask me to go on stage and sing the same song, I would faint! Hahaha.

What about everyone else. Do you remember your performing days in school?


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  1. nicktay says:

    I don’t remember exactly what role, but I remember crying and crying because I refused to wear make up! Haha

    Hahaha. Thats funny. Perhaps you’d still cry today if someone tried to apply make up on you. Lol! I don’t understand why little boys require make up during the concerts. I think they look better without.

  2. miche says:

    i dont remember any kindy concert but primary and sec school, i was given the role of a boy! i was a tomboy! a handsome one too…they say ah..not me 😛

    what Paper Roses song? never heard it…I am YOUNG 😛 hehehehe

    You must have been in an all girls school.

  3. simyin says:

    i played the wolf in my kindy play “the wolf and the 7 kids” i was supposed to be one of the kiddy sheeps but my teacher wasn’t happy with the person playing the wolf, so i got to play the wolf instead. hehe.

    Hahahaha. Oh you big bad wolf you! You must have enjoyed chasing after the 7 poor little sheeps. Lol!

  4. Bkworm says:

    I remember playing the role of a boy in pink pants in Primary 2 singing the Happy Wanderer song in a group. I always had to play the boy role coz I was one of the taller girls in class and I had short hair 🙁

    I was one of the taller girls in class too but fortunately everyone had short hair. Hahaha.

  5. narrowband says:

    I had to play the role of a pregnant mother! Goodness gracious… traumatised at such tender age.

    Lol! Did you have to walk around stage with a pillow for a stomach? Haha. So kesian.

  6. Mummy to Chumsy says:

    Heheheh..I like Paper Roses. Luv the Donny and Marie show too. I remember what role I played when I was at the kindy concert – a chubby girl with a basket walking around while reciting “to market, to market, to buy a fat pig”. I remember it cos everyone was laughing at me!!

    You must have looked very cute. 🙂

  7. FireHorse says:

    Paper Roses, kekekeke, got pigchers or not? I was never good enough to be chosen for any performances :o(

    Maybe you’re just too tua tua to remember lah. Muahahahaha.

  8. Mama Bok says:

    I was in PAP kindergarten .. and i was in this concert . .where they sang .. “little white boat” .. i was just singing.. and dancing i think.. no roles to be exact..! but i remembered .. my mom had my hair cut so short for the concert.. my teacher was quite upset.. because i couldn’t put a hair clip on my hair.. to match the others..!

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