I am kedekut (a miser). I don’t watch pay TV like Astro (paid TV channel in Malaysia). I only watch free TV. However the reception in my area is bad so I can hardly watch any TV at all. Lol! But thats ok because I don’t have time for TV.

Anyway, in my quest to search for free TV, I found TV Links. I’m sharing this link with anyone who is interested to watch old TV episode reruns. It boasts an impressive alphabetical list of shows, movies, cartoons etc which you can watch for free online, episode by episode whenever you are free.

I’ve tried some of the links but a number of them don’t work. However, to my husband’s delight. The Star Trek ones work since he is a Star Trek fan. So to other Star Trek fans you can now watch your favourite episodes over and over again. There is a link to each and every episode for each season of the show.

To the others, if you try out some of the other links to the other shows, please tell me which ones work! Hehe.

As for news, I currently watch NTV7 on WorldIP.TV. This one’s for my overseas friends. If you want to watch local Malaysian news you can watch the Video on Demand or live news to catch up with whats happening back home. I like it because it allows me to watch when I am free. I love anything “On Demand” because I can’t stop whatever I’m doing to watch a news or program so its good if I can watch it afterwards.

At the moment WorldIP.TV is still free but I’m not sure when they’ll start charging. They were supposed to start charging a fee of RM10 per month starting from June but they have not done so yet. Once they start charging, Ms Miser here will probably stop watching because I don’t think the current programs offered there at the moment are attractive enough to make me part with my money.

I’ve got many many more free interactive or streaming TV and news links. Wait yah, when I’m not lazy I’ll post some of them here. Unfortunately the better ones are for US citizens only. Boo Hoo Hoo.

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