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My routine doctor appointment is approaching. I am anxious. I have 1001 questions for my doctor. I am afraid he will chase me out of his door before I am through with them!

One of the most important criterias a doctor should have (in my opinion) is people skills AND listening skills. I hate to see any doctor who treats me as just another patient and can’t wait to get me out of his door so he can see the next patient (after I’ve waited hours to see him). I’ve seen quite a few like that.

I know they’ve got lots of patients and they are pressed for time but at least try to listen and don’t make it so hard for the patient’s to ask a question.

There are also doctors who answer very defensively when you ask a question, as if you’re challenging them. Perhaps it is annoying to field questions for all knowing patients who ask you all sorts and manners of questions from what little they’ve learned from the internet but please understand that patients ask these questions out of ignorance and desire to learn and understand their own conditions and not to challenge you so you don’t have to act defensive.

Of course I’m speaking in general terms and not all doctors are like that but from my own experience of seeing some, quite a number actually have the kind of body language and curt and brief mannerism that makes me afraid to ask any questions. They don’t say it but I can see and feel what they’re thinking and they’re thinking…


So here I am, anxious and worried again, before my next doctor’s appointment. I hope it turns out ok. 

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10 thoughts on “Doctor’s Appointments

  1. personally, I thinks many doctors in our country lacks the human skills when comes to interacting with their patients… I guess that is compounded by the fact that their patients do not ask enough questions 🙁

    anyway… good luck in your doctor’s appointment… hopefully everything checks out well 🙂

    Thanks. I hope so too.

  2. I don’t agree with egghead.

    Recently I injured my toe and have to pull my toe nail out, and the doctor that attend to me, even he just a clinic doctor know how to really cheer me up and try to direct my attention to something else… Even show me a few early morning cartoon shows 😀

    Not all doctors are like that, I agree. My kids paed for example is wonderful.

  3. mebbe…when u first go in, tell him that you are feeling anxious and have many questions becoz you want to find out more about this?

    I find when I approach ppl this way, they are more willing to open up and spend time explaining things to me. Just my 1sen….

    I’m just feeling anxious that is all. This neurologist that I am seeing is not like the doctors that I have described.  I have seen some ENTs, physicians and paed who are like what I have described but so far my experience with this neurologist is ok. The first time I saw him he was very patient, answered all my questions patiently and was smiling all the time and speaking slowly. Another time he came to see me at our request even though it was against the hospital rules. Another time I didn’t get to see him because he was rushing out for a meeting so he just told me “Just see another doc and take your medicine.” (Now that worried me a little but I guess that he was rushing and on his way out and late for his meeting) So I’m still anxious. I guess I’m worried I will forget to ask some things (even though I’ve written them all down) and I’m afraid of what he has to say.

  4. I think you shd not worry too much what the doc thinks. Just ask your questions. Use mott’s approach, i think it will work. All the best.

    Yeah, thanks for the advise.

  5. Eiks! Where has my comment gone?

    I think I said something like who’s not afraid of going to the specialists. I have a phobia going to see my dentist even though it’s a half-yearly event. Whenever I go up the flight of stairs to his clinic, I can feel my heartbeats thumping faster *duh*

    I’m sure we have the rite to ask questions and the doctor shouldn’t be impatient or unwilling to answer. Take a deep breath and go ahead ‘shoot’ him with ur questions. If u understand the terms, u won’t be asking him, rite?

    No worries, no worries, have faith, I’m sure everything will turn out fine.

    Yes, thanks. I worry too much. Hehe.

  6. It is normal to be anxious and worried otherwise not real, right?
    Appointments such as this are not new to you so I am sure you will take it all in good stride.
    Eh, your lau peng yu (oops, siow lian peng yu) coming to visit you? Tell her to check on her kopitiam ok just in case I don’t do a good job…hehe.
    I tried to bring you colourful cheesecake but it got stuck to my fridge (blog). 😛

    Yes, I will pass the message on to my siow lian peng yu when she comes. Haha.

  7. I’m equally anxious too.. i’m having my x-ray done again tomorrow.. ! because the first one showed some cloudiness. As for the doctors here.. some i can’t understand what they are saying.. and most of them are overbooked for the day.

    Yes you got that right. Most of them are overbooked and thats the reason for the hastiness. Everyone has to make money I suppose. BTW, all the best for your X-ray.

  8. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, MG 😀 I also don’t like doctors who don’t say much and when you ask questions, they’ll just give you a very abrupt answer. Maybe they are overworked 😉

    Thanks for your encouragement. Yes, maybe they are just overworked.

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