TV Antenna vs Satellite Dish

And the winner is…………



There is no question about it. Satellite Dishes win hands on. Why, just look around you and the answer is everywhere. Even the squatter homes have a satellite dish outside of their little wooden houses.

However, I steadfastly refuse to sign up for pay tv. I have no time to watch tv so why would I want to commit myself to a monthly fee for years? I will stick to my free tv, thank you very much. I have better use for my money, for now.

When the kids are older, maybe they’ll pester us for pay tv but for now they too don’t need to watch hours and hours of cartoons on tv. They have better things to do with their time.

When we asked the “tv man” to install a TV Antenna for us recently (because the reception at our place is really poor) he did try very hard to sell us a satellite dish instead. We didn’t succumb and now we are the proud owners of a brand new TV Antenna atop our roof, the newest among the whole row of houses. Hahaha. The rest looks terribly run down, one looks like it might even fall off anytime too. Scary! And all because no one cares for TV Antennas anymore. They only install one for their second TVs … sometimes. Sometimes even a second TV gets another satellite dish.

I have only one though Errr…. where do all these people earn so much money hah? (To be able to commit a monthly fee for entertainment expenses so freely?) I oso wan.


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4 thoughts on “TV Antenna vs Satellite Dish

  1. I too don’t subscribe to pay TV. Have no time to watch la, therefore it’s a waste of money if I do.

    And too much cartoon is not too good for children.

    I think its a waste of money too when you don’t have time to watch.

  2. i don’t know…sat tv has its pros n cons.
    pro :
    1. you don’t have to buy dvds (as long as u can wait for the movies to come out…n 4 kids, there is the no worries about repetition)
    2. it’s available 24 worries about getting a fuzzy tv
    3. now..there’s E! ….. sorry..hollywood gossip wins hands down! MUA HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    cons :
    1. you pay ananda krishnan every month..and when price increase..u got no choice but to pay grudgingly!
    2. errr… errr…my stunted brain can only think of ONE!

    1. Are you sure you can wait to buy the dvds? And from what I see there’s lots of repetition.

    2. Are you sure you want your kids to watch 24 hours or can you watch 24 hours for that matter?

    3. I don’t have time for Hollywood gossips.

    Sorry. I don’t agree with your pros. Hehe.

  3. *Hi Five Mott* I, for one, cannot do without the satellite tv cos there’s not much to watch on free tv. My girl gets to learn a lot (new words, games) from the cartoons (the correct channel) too. And it’s one way to keep her quietly seated for sometime on the sofa while I do my work. I don’t mind the repetitions cos if I can’t watch the show today, I can still get to watch it at nite or the next day.

    How to pay the monthly fee? Ask hubby to pay lor or ‘ta fu tau’ (‘curi-curi sikit sikit) from the ‘pergi pasar’ money lor. Kekeke.

    We go pasar together gether. So I kenot curi from the pigi pasar money. Hahahaha.

  4. We subscribe to a news group.. and download everything we need from there. .transfer it from out computer to our xbox.. and watch it on our big tv in the living room. No burning of disc or anything.. just a matter to wiring everything up properly.

    Too bad we can’t have that here.

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