The yoga poses image above was sourced from Yoga 

I would like to do or take up some Yoga because I read that it will help me in a lot of areas. However I have no time to go for classes and I am just totally baffled by the number of yoga poses and have no idea what each of them will do for me and which pose to do and whether I am doing the right thing.

I bought a Yoga for Beginners dvd but it looks too advanced for me! Hmm… and the title specifically mentioned “For Beginners.” Chey!Â

I look at the Yoga books available at the bookstores but they puzzle me too and besides I find tapes easier to follow then books. Its easier to have someone tell you what to do rather than to look at pictures, read and try to decipher them yourself.

I know that Yoga has been around for years but I’m sceptical about those who treat it like a fad or some latest exercise thingy to lose weight and tone up. It should be more than that shouldn’t it?

Errr….. can someone enlighten me please? Anyone?

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