My mum used to listen to beautiful harp music on her old record player. So naturally I listened along with her as a child. Its really soft soothing music and I love it.

She had this old harp record. You know those things which looks like a huge disc. If you’ve not seen one before, you must be young and not old like me. Haha. So I’ve included a picture for my young readers. The picture is sourced from 

We used to have one like this at home. The disc will turn and then you can manually place the needle at the start or on that part of the record that you want to listen to. (But my mum always told us not to do this. She said we had to place the needle at the beggining and listen from start to end or we would spoil the record. But we kids always got impatient and tried to skip songs. Hehe.)

I couldn’t find the music of her old record in any other form so I searched the internet for some free harp music and found some links. You can listen to the full song for some of them but some have only an excerpt or part of the song. Anyway, here are the links. Have a quick 5 minute break and listen to one or two harp music pieces from the following links. They’re really relaxing. Enjoy!

Helen Radice Wedding Harpist

Alice Howe‘s Harp Music

Maui Harps Listen to Harp Music by Kristine Snyder


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