The doctor’s appointment which I had been agonising over is finally over. It was just a routine visit but I was anxious about it. After all, I had waited 3 months to see him just to ask the few questions that I had in my mind.

The doctor was very kind and patient, even though I saw him looking at his watch and he had to refer to his notes a lot when I asked him some questions and at certain times he looked lost. But still he was patient although he probably didn’t remember my case and circumstances unless he referred to his notes. Poor Doctor.

To understand how it is like from the doctor’s point of view, I read this very funny account from another doctor in his blog. Its called “Doctor, do you remember” posted by Dr Bob Sears in the Doctors’ Diaries blog. I can’t seem to find the permalink for that post so here is a little excerpt from it.

“Patients always seem to have a much better memory than I do. I guess that’s because they only have to remember everything that happens to only ONE child. I have to try to remember a couple thousand. Plus, that one child happens to belong to the parents genetically, so I suppose that helps too. But I always find it funny how parents EXPECT me to remember everything that’s happened with their child in the past. I want to come across as a good doctor, and one who remembers everything about every precious little child. But of course that’s next to impossible.

Do I pretend I DO remember and play along?”

Haha. How true. That must be the same predicament my doctor was facing. Anyway, my doctor’s appointment is over now. I’ve got a big bottle of 240 pills to last me for 4 months till I see him again. Duh!

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