Its hard to lose weight

Today I want to rant about my weight. I want to rant about how hard it is to lose weight.

Do you know that I have to be diligent and exercise almost daily and eat like a bird…….. only to MAINTAIN MY WEIGHT??!!

Yes, thats what it takes for me. I have to make sure I exercise and eat to the point that I still feel hungry …. only to MAINTAIN MY WEIGHT!!!!

I can’t seem to lose any weight beyond what I am. Dang! It must be my slowing metabolistic rate. I hate to admit it but my body is telling me that I am getting old.

I put on weight so easily. Even if I eat just a little bit more than what I usually do during the weekends, I can feel and see the difference.

Oh how I envy those who can lose weight easily without trying so hard. Trying so hard to stay away from all that lovely food. I’m so mad I think I shall go out and eat and eat and eat! So there!

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4 thoughts on “Its hard to lose weight

  1. All of us are different. I can never put on weight. Eat, and eat,and eat – like never eat before – only to maintain my weight. Eat a little less, and my pants are ready to fall off – even after 3 kids!!

    Can I give you some flesh please? Double please?

  2. MG, shake hands lah. I do know of a good diet which sure works one. I know because I was on it for 5 months when I had my gallstone. I lost about 5 kgs. Size 8 down to size 6 and even then size 6 was lose.
    Now??? Put on more than I had before my gallstone. 😛
    We can encourage each other on, want or not?

    Can can. You, me and Fatty Poh. We’ll recruit her too. Hehe.

  3. OK, come all of us together encouraging one another. Give a start date but can make after 1st September ah? Cos I am meeting Kak Teh on 1/9/07 at the Malaysian carnival for food. Hehehehe.

    Oi! Like dat how to make it. Start date oso postpone adi. Hahaha.

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