Today I want to rant about my weight. I want to rant about how hard it is to lose weight.

Do you know that I have to be diligent and exercise almost daily and eat like a bird…….. only to MAINTAIN MY WEIGHT??!!

Yes, thats what it takes for me. I have to make sure I exercise and eat to the point that I still feel hungry …. only to MAINTAIN MY WEIGHT!!!!

I can’t seem to lose any weight beyond what I am. Dang! It must be my slowing metabolistic rate. I hate to admit it but my body is telling me that I am getting old.

I put on weight so easily. Even if I eat just a little bit more than what I usually do during the weekends, I can feel and see the difference.

Oh how I envy those who can lose weight easily without trying so hard. Trying so hard to stay away from all that lovely food. I’m so mad I think I shall go out and eat and eat and eat! So there!

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