This is what happens when it rains heavily.

I was leaving the shopping center. The rain had started to gush into the lower basement car park where we had parked our car. We had to drive our 15 year old car slowly to make sure it didn’t stall.

We continued driving slowly to make sure our car did not stall since the road was flooded. The big bus behind us was getting impatient. He honked. And then when he got the chance he overtook us quickly and in such a manner thatร‚ย he splashed water all over our car! Bus drivers like that should be at home jobless. Its really annoying! He continued to speed down the road, overtaking car after car. The rain was heavy and the road was flooded and slippery. The bus driver was endangering the lives of his passengers as well as other road users! Simply terrible!

Anyway, we manage to get home in one piece … only to find that our roof was still leaking at the same places … after fixing it two times.


Now, thats what happens when it rains heavily!

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