The Battle of the Mooncakes

Mooncake Boxes

The mooncake battle has begun. I saw it with my own eyes. It started about 2 weeks ago. A little early since Mooncake Festival 2007 or the Mid Autumn Festival isn’t until 25 September 2007 this year.

However, the battle cry has begun. Everyone is joining the battle too. From specialty mooncake makers, to bakeries, hotels, restaurants, ice-cream shops and florists too. May the best packaging win!

At 50sen a bite and more, its certainly a battle worth fighting. Afterall its only once a year. Still, going into battle 2 months before the war seems just a little too early for me. I think I’ll wait a month before tasting my first mooncake. It doesn’t come cheap and its not extremely healthy to consume in large quantities. Lol!

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9 thoughts on “The Battle of the Mooncakes

  1. WAH I want mooncake too… damn it. I don’t think there are any where we live. 🙁 Maybe drive to Chicago…

    Have to pay to sample/taste the mooncakes?! This is why I love living in the West. There are free samples everywhere! Last weekend took my Malaysian in-laws to the local farmer’s market where they sampled bread, cake, sausages, for free, including wine. Then there’s Costco where you can sample their foods daily.

    You made me salivate. Did I reciprocate? Hehee.

    Salivate? But I didn’t post any pictures of mooncakes. Only boxes. Hahaha. Anyway we’ve got lots of free samples here too at the supermarkets but they’re really tiny weeny little samples. Lol!

  2. MG, I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since you mentined mooncakes and got me all drooling that I had to go and buy some.

    One year liow…!

    Oh yah hor. Its been one year! I can’t believe it!

  3. My hubby and I were tempted to buy some last Sunday, when we saw this massive mooncakes display in the shop.

    But then we decided not till our next visit.

    Haha. Congratulations for beating your temptation. It can be so tempting isn’t it with the many varieties available these days. Sometimes I feel like just having the traditional type but sometimes also feel like trying each and every new variety even though they don’t taste anything like a mooncake!

  4. LOL! Nowadays, Haagen Daz also sell moon cake, you know! Last time I used to loves moon cake. but, nowadays, I miss all the “tang Lung” more than moon cake. 🙂

    You can turn just about anything into a “mooncake” simply by placing it into a mooncake mould and calling it a “mooncake” and selling it for many times the original price. Haha. Yes, the tanglungs are lovely. I love the paper ones. Last year we took a bunch of those and headed towards the park at night with the kids to play them. They loved it. 🙂

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  6. So early got mooncakes already!? Wonder what new favour there will be this year. I love mooncakes. ^-^

    Oh yes. The competition is not only in the packaging but on new flavours too to see who can come up with a better and more novel mooncake and taste.

  7. That is why I am grandmother lor. Read today, forget tomorrow especially anything to do with numbers and dates and names. 😛

    Nevermind Ah Por. If you forget again, come back here to check. Hahaha.

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