Downward Facing Dog

The two kids were at the PC playing. I was full of concentration and trying to follow the video on the screen. I was listening to the instructions … “press back, exhale and push back into the downward facing dog.”

Still full of concentration, suddenly I heard a small voice say “Mummy, your backside not high enough.” Hahaha. It was my girl. She then proceeded to push me up higher like what she saw on the screen. Who needs a Yoga Instructor when I’ve got a personal Yoga trainer right at home. Lol! Oh make that two because she was soon joined by her little brother who proceeded to crawl under me. “Tunnel, tunnel” he said.

Life is never dull as a SAHM. Why, you even get constant interrruptions entertainment when you’re trying to do some Yoga at home with the kids.  I’m still doing my basic Yoga and wonder if I will ever do any Ashtanga Yoga exercises.

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