Its been ages since we’ve been to KLCC. On Sunday we decided to take the kids there for a change. My goodness. Its really packed there. Packed full of people. All the eateries are full house. Could hardly find a place to sit down for a drink and a rest. There were queues everywhere. Queues to find food. Queues to find a place to sit and even Queues to use the washroom.

Oh yes the washroom. We had to pay RM2.00 to queue to use the washroom. Speaking of money, we had to pay RM4.00 for use of the SMART tunnel to get there (to and fro toll charges) and another RM7.00 for car park.

And I don’t think the kids enjoyed themselves very much. They wanted more space to run about. The massive crowd made that impossible. The were bored and fretty. Jalan-jalan in a crowded mall doing window shopping isn’t their idea of fun. Next time we’ll stick to our neighbourhood mall. Lol!

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