Sleep takes up a lot of my time

Ever since I had my 3-in-1 seizure (don’t know what to call 3 seizures in a day) I am very concerned about my sleep because I think that one of my seizure triggers is lack of sleep.

I am almost obsessed with my sleep. Everyday I MUST have at least 8 hours of sleep and I try to make sure I nap too especially if I don’t get the 8 hours.

I am so concerned about my sleep to the extend that it takes up so much of my time. If only I didn’t need to sleep that much, I would be able to get so much more done.

I’m not sure how to get over this over obsessiveness about my sleep. I get annoyed and irritated when someone interrupts my sleep (which is very often living in a house with young kids and with a husband who sleeps at different hours compared to me).

I try to tell myself that if I can’t sleep, I should not get so riled up. I should just try to relax, do some relaxing activities like stretching, listening to music etc but thats easier said than done (not when you have kids shouting in the background or climbing on your back when you are trying to stretch!) not when your mind is not feeling relaxed.

Sometimes, I really kesian (pity) the hubby. He gets up when its cold and dark and prepares his own breakfast and goes to work all by himself just so that I can get my beauty sleep. 😛

Sometimes the harder I try, the harder it is to sleep. Its a vicious cycle. I worry about not getting enough sleep, I try too hard to sleep and that makes it harder for me to sleep and that makes me worry more.

On the bright side, my sleep is really not too bad these days. I can sleep and I feel rested most of the time. I must remember to do some aerobics exercise to sweat it out then do some relaxing exercise as this helps me feel more relax and helps my sleep. Sometimes I get obsessive about my exercise too but thats another story! Lol! Basically I try to do my exercise and not miss it and exercising actually makes me stressed as I try to squeeze it into my tight daily routine. Oh, I know. I should blog less! Hahaha. I’ve cut down a lot now. I don’t blog hop very much anymore. 🙁

Oh my goodness, I’m ranting and going on and on. Time to stop.

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5 thoughts on “Sleep takes up a lot of my time

  1. MG, yes I know what you mean when you said the harder you try to sleep the worse it is.

    I find that reading in bed puts me to sleep. If I want an early night to catch up with my sleep, I would go to bed first with a book and then fall asleep without worrying about switching the light off cos lau ang will do it.

    Try that sometime. Don’t think too much about it.

    I’m afraid a book doesn’t do it for me. I become more and more awake as I read.

  2. It’s amazing how we can take sleep for granted. I hope your yoga is helping you to sleep. I believe breathing exercises help.

    Yes, when I can’t sleep, I try to just lie down and do deep breathing exercises and not think of anything. Sometimes its the active thoughts which allay sleep.

  3. I used to have this sleeping problem some years back. I was so tensed up on weeknights when I couldn’t sleep.

    I guess exercise is a good way to exhaust yourself and then get a good sleep.

    Yes, exercise and some relaxing stretching afterwards.

  4. Oh..I do hope you are getting all the rest you need. I think even if you’re not sleeping, just resting helps. Take care!

    Yes, just resting helps, just resting helps, just resting helps. Hehe. Have to keep telling myself that.

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