These days you can’t go to a supermarket or mall without having your path blocked by a salesperson promoting their products or services.

Usually I try to just smile at them and shake my head. Afterall I try to imagine that I am them. I wouldn’t want to be simply brushed aside annoyingly. So I try to smile and shake my head or I would tell them politely that I am in a hurry or I am not interested.

However some people just don’t get it. Recently when a salesgirl approached me regarding her the beauty product she was selling, as usual I smiled and said “No” politely but she just didn’t get it. She continued to walk along with me. She got really close to me all the while whispering to my ear about the mascara (I think) she was selling. It made me feel really uncomfortable and I had to scurry along just to get ahead. She was encroaching on my personal space and I didn’t like it.

Its sales persons like that which cause all the others to get the brush off treatment I think.  


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