I sold my contest winnings watch at Cash Converters

I did it at last. I took the watch I won at a contest 2-3 years ago and sold it at Cash Converters. I got a mere 10% of the watch’s cash value in return but at least its better than sitting in the drawer collecting dust or become damaged by the kids if they get to it. Then it would become worthless.

The watch was a good swiss made one and worth quite a lot. Only it wasn’t my style. I tried to sell it back to the watch shops but they wouldn’t take it. I didn’t know any pawn shops so Cash Converters was my next bet.

I also sold off an old radio clock at got RM10 for it. Hahaha. Teh tarik anyone? Its quite fun to sell at cash converters and find cash value in your old stuff. Now I’m busy looking around the house to see if theres anything else I can sell. Lol!

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6 thoughts on “I sold my contest winnings watch at Cash Converters

  1. wah….sell of tickling clock also can get good money ya. not much but can buy few cups of teh tarik liao. Next time i go yur place will buzz u, hehe…

    Remember to bring along your old stuff. Haha.

  2. We used to keep those unused stuffs in our house. Hmm times to have a housekeeping to clear of some stuffs. I can sell some of my unused things to Cash Converters too.. ^_^

    Yah. What for collect dust when you can collect cash? Hehe.

  3. Wah, why didn’t I think of converting my ‘rubbish’ into cash. I give all mine away wor…..hehe

    I gave a truck load of mine away to charity when I was moving, old clothes, furniture, everything and I save nice little hand me down toys and clothing for friends and relatives but no one wanted my contest watch. Hahaha.

  4. hahaha…i used to frequent cash converter a lot cos my gynae’s office was nearby. it’s fun to browse around. hmmm..maybe i should find some stuff to sell too:D

    Yes, there were a number of people browsing around even though it was a Sunday morning.

  5. Why not auction it in eBay?

    Yes, it would have been worth a lot more there, I think, because though not popular it may be elsewhere, however, I didn’t know how to and I was lazy to learn and trouble myself with the shipping etc. This one can get instant cash. 😛

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