Mistaken Identity

Mr. MG: “Uncle, where is your maid today?”

Hawker Stall Uncle: “She’s my wife.”

Oops! Have you ever made such a mistake? It can be pretty embarrassing… for both parties. The one making the mistake as well as the mistaken. The one making the mistake usually feels more embarrassed and rightfully so. We should all think before we speak and when in doubt….. shut up. Haha.

Have you ever been mistaken as the maid etc? Once, Mr MG was mistaken as the grandfather to our daughter. Hahaha. Luckily it was not me who was being mistaken, otherwise…. *sharpening fangs silently*. I don’t know how that could have happened. Mr. MG does not look old. But then, we married late and had our kids late so people would not expect us to still have children so young.

If not for the fact that I am a little bit fair, the way I dress and run after the kids in public places, I think I would probably have been mistaken as the maid countless times too. *sharpening fangs again*. So next time, when making conversation for the sake of making small talk, try to avoid the issue of identities if you don’t know alright so that you won’t embarrass yourself the way we did.

The lady helping at the stall really did look like a foreign maid even though she always seemed to act in a si tau poh (lady boss) kind of way and she always had her two kids at the stall with her. However we don’t know her status, so we should have kept mum instead of assumming. Hehe.

Have you ever mistaken anyone for a maid before or worse still be mistaken as one?

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  1. mott says:

    I once mistook a very rich woman’s mum, as the maid. For some reason, she dressed quite shabbily and the rich woman treated her like a maid, ordering her around and telling her how to handle her child…..

    so..major red-cheeks there…….

    Oh what a boo boo!

  2. Jasmine says:

    Nvr been mistaken before.. but sometime feels like looking like a maid when going out with my hubby and kids. hehe.. cos i dressed shabbily too and I am short and tanned…. @_@

    We better make it a point to dress better than. But sometimes when I dress better, hubby looks at me and says “Where are you going?” Hahaha.

  3. FireHorse says:

    How can Mr. MG be mistaken for a grandpa, chey he is so handsome, so young looking lagi, oso dressing well. That person who made the remark must be blind lar.

    Maybe they think I’m grandma leh, so test on the man first loh, not so paiseh. Hahaha. Well, actually he was alone with my girl dat day…. or maybe his hearing not so good. Lol!

  4. Immomsdaughter says:

    I’ve never been mistaken for the maid, I AM THE MAID!!! I’m normally more sensitive to my surroundings and people, so NO, I do not open my mouth to comment on things or people I am not sure about.

    Oh yah hor, there is no mistaken identity here. I AM THE MAID too! Lol!

  5. Magictree says:

    I once asked my colleague (during a family day) whether the lady that I saw with his kids was his maid? She was dark and looks like an Indonesian. Oops it was his wife. Gosh…you can imagine how I wanted to ‘retreat’ into a rabbit hole.

    Another time, someone came to pass documents to my husband saw me and asked “Is your daddy at home?”. Imagine me beaming with pride…ha! ha! Actually, I think that guy was a little blind loh….

    I don’t mind that kind of mistake… but I don’t think it will EVER happen. Haha.

  6. Rachel says:

    Never been this experience but I always been mistaken that I am sister to my boys :).
    I always go out with my maid together with my boys sure I don’t look like a maid:), but once my maid been mistaken by someone as orang asli in stead of Indon maid :S.

    Sister to your boys? You must be very young looking. 🙂


  7. sasha says:

    u’ll love this one.

    I got mistaken as Philipino Maid when I was in Spore. Was standing next to this lady waiting for the Hotel Fler to entertain me, he asked the lady, Your son ah ? (pointing at Jayden) and that makes me the Philipino Maid!

    He mistook that lady as your son’s mother but that doesn’t mean that he mistook you for a maid!

  8. Shireen says:

    When I was working, I mistook someone for a Filipino maid. She was in Msia for her training. I walked into the office one morning and she greeted me. I said “hi” then went over to my colleague to ask “Eh, why you fired the Indon maid ah? How come got new one?” My colleague said “Huh? No where got new one” I pointed to the lady sitting in the conf room. My colleague burst out laughing and said “Aiyoh, she is not a maid la. She is our new Thailand Finance Manager”..and I was about to ask her to clean my desk sumore…Dang

    Hahaha. Luckily you didn’t ask her to clean your desk and make you coffee.

  9. Wen says:

    Once I mistaken my ex-hairstylist’s sister for her mother. cant blame me, she was wearing those big old fashion specs!!

    Haha. Yes, that reminds me, when I was giving birth to my first and my eldest sis came along to give me support, she was mistaken for my mother too and she wasn’t too happy about that! Hehe. Poor sis.

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