Blogger CartoonReading Sesame’s post on My Blogging Boundaries Defined reminded me that I wanted to blog about Blogging Relationships and Blogging Friendships but had forgotten about it. She echoes my sentiments exactly and I really liked the way she had put down her blogging boundaries.

That brings me to the subject of Blogging Relationships. I still can’t quite fathom Blogging Friendships. Its a very strange new way of socialising or getting to know people. In the real world, when you meet someone new for the first time, you make small talk, you smile at each other and then you move on. It may take several more of these small talk sessions before you really get to know one another.

But in the Blogging World, you share intimate details about yourself and then perfect strangers come to you and say “Hey! I’m like that too!” and then you start a conversation and sometimes that leads to a Blogging Relationship or Friendship. You get to know each other intimately or very well immediately or right away. Sometimes you just click right away with another Blogger. There is no need for small talk or putting up fronts as we sometimes do in person.

Sometimes when the Blogging Boundaries are crossed and you come out of your Blogging World and meet in the Real World, you feel like you know this person for years. In fact you feel like you know your Blogging Buddies for years irrespective of whether you meet. Lol!

The other strange thing is that with Blogging Relationships, sometimes it disappears as quickly as it is formed. Friendships can go poof! in the air overnight almost as quickly as it is formed. You meet like ships in the night and you part the same way. I hate it when that happens. Sometimes you think you really click with your Blogging Friend and then that person disappears from your Blogging World suddenly without a word. It can be rather disappointing. Disappointing to know that the Blogger you consider your friend did not think of you as one. Maybe they were commenting just for the sake of commenting and when they think that your blog is no longer as popular as before they move on along with the droves. Its disappointing to know that you’ve made a wrong judgement about people and their sincerity. On the other hand its also nice to know that there are people who genuinely care about you even though they’ve never met you.

Its easy to dissolve or end a Blogging Friendship because the only thing that keeps it going is if you continue to visit and comment on each other’s blogs. “I visit your blog house and your visit my blog house and we continue our conversation regularly.” If you don’t cross the boundary of becoming friends out of the Blog World than be prepared to have your Blogging Relationships disappear overnight. Blogs can disappear overnight and those that visit you regularly can stop commenting suddenly making you wonder why.

Come September 2007, I would have been blogging for 3 years now. I take my annonymity seriously so the only way I keep in touch with my Blogging Pals is through our blogs. Sometimes I receive caring emails to enquire about my wellbeing but thats it. I have found that some of those earlier Blogging Pals have come and gone replaced by new ones. I guess that is the same as in the Real World too. Friends may come and Friends may go as the season changes.

What do you think about Blogging Relationships? What sort of Blogging Relationship do you have with your regular Blog Visitors? Did your relationship cross the boundary and you meet out of the Blogging World or do you prefer not to meet and keep it that way?

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