Dim Sum

Mr MG had craving for Dim Sum just like a pregnant woman. Hehe. So we went in search for Dim Sum for several Sunday mornings. Now that the kids are older, we wanted to take them out too, to experience different foods and different atmospheres for eating. And Mrs MG is one happy woman for eating out because eating out means Mr MG helps in the feeding (hehe) and theres no cleaning up afterwards. Woohoo!

Our search for Dim Sum led us to….

1. Damansara Jaya. This is near Atria. Dunno whats the place called but its got Dim Sum in its name and its a corner lot so you can’t miss it. All you need is to drive round one circle to find. Hehe. Sorrylah, I’m no food reviewer, so I didn’t take down names, addresses and photos. The place was packed on a Sunday morning around 10-11am. There was no place to sit comfortably. So we gave that a miss as the kids would not enjoy that.

Updated: Check out ugwug.blogspot or mr-penman.blogspot for a review of the place.

2. Damansara Utama. Next we went to Damansara Utama near the Uptown area. Again, the place has Dim Sum in its name and its a corner lot too. This time we found a place to sit. It was comfortable and cooling, not like the other place. You order the Dim Sum from a menu and it was not crowded so it was nice for a Sunday brunch. However the varieties were limited although the food was not too bad.

3. Paramount. This time I remembered the name of the shop. Hehe. Its called Restaurant Key Way. Its opposite the Paramount post office and the Giant supermarket that used to be Paramount cinema. Like the first one, it was packed around 11am. However, a table was promptly set up for us on the walkway so it was not too bad. The other place had tables close together. The tables here were further apart since it had overflowed out onto the roads and pavements etc so they had more space. The servers came over carrying aluminium trays of freshly steamed and fried Dim Sums. Lots of variety here and you’ll certainly eat more than you can take in as the servers come round every 1-2 minutes. Be prepared to have your conversations interrupted several times as they serve you. This is truly fast food. The food comes as soon as you sit down. Haha. The lady who came to collect the payment shared with us that the crowd comes in late these days unlike the old days where you had to wake up very early if you wanted to eat some Dim Sum. Hey. Who wants to wake up so early on a Sunday morning?

Updated: Ok. I’m a dunce. I got the name of the place wrong! Hahaha. Go to Nick Tay’s The Reflector to find out the real name of the coffee shop and to view some more yummylicious pics of the Dim Sum. (I curi the pic above from his blog. If you are on a diet and want to have a virtual Dim Sum feast, go to his blog.)

Another Update: I got the name right after all! Went there on another occassion with dad and found out that the owners of the 2 side-by-side restaurants share the rental and thus both sell the same dim sum to customers under 2 different names. I guess that means business must be really good and seating places were limited making them come up with such a novel idea.

4. Summer Palace in Damansara. Beside the NKVE on the way to Damansara just after the toll. We went there to celebrate with Dad on Father’s Day. If you don’t like coffee shop Dim Sum, you can head here for aircond restaurant Dim Sum but be prepared to pay more then.

5. I couldn’t find the old Dim Sum place in SeaPark PJ and I haven’t tried SS2 or Taman Megah.

If anyone knows of anymore good Dim Sum places, please share with me so that I can help to satisfy someone’s craving for it. Lol!


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