About my mum

I was tagged by Jacelyn to write 8 random facts about my mum but I’ve changed it a little because my mum is no longer here, not for the past 31 years now but I still miss her. So I’ll do this tag with a twist. Here are some posts I’ve done about my mum or inspired by her. You’ll find much more than 8 random facts about her there. 🙂

1. Memories of Mum

2. What I remember of Mum

3. Mommy, please don’t worry

4. Creating happy memories with the children

Anyone who feels like doing this tag please go ahead. How about you…

1. Fatty Poh

2. Sasha

3. Sweetisu

4. Blur Mommy


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5 thoughts on “About my mum

  1. Sorry about your mum. I don’t know about that till today. Anyway, i can see that ur mum has a big impression deep in ur heart. Thanks for doing the tag.

    Yes, she remains in my heart even tho she passed away when I was 10.

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