I noticed that aromatherapy is getting very popular these days. There are more and more shops selling essential oil and burners. Instead of using burners for aromatherapy, another method would be the use of vaporizers. Vaporizers heat without burning making it safer and healthier.

Some people use vaporizers as a healthier althernative to smoking. Some use it to ingest drugs and other herbs for medical or other purposes. You can also use it for aromatherapy.

You can go to this link to find out more about vaporization and how it works? Apparently the key to vaporization is the temperature. The temperature has to be digitally precise and accurately maintained at all times. When the heat source is at the correct temperature, the substance will not burn. Instead vapor will be released. No smoke or odor, only vapor from the plant mixture of your choice. Thats basically how it works.

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