What mooncake flavours have you tried this year? Last year I tried durian and coconut and yam and green tea. Usually the snow skin ones are the ones with the variety. This year, so far… I’ve tried…..

  1. Miniature Snow Skin Chocolate Sunflower Seeds with Bailey Soft Centre
  2. Miniature Snow Skin Coffee Paste
  3. Miniature Snow Skin While Lotus Paste
  4. Miniature Snow Skin with Hawaiian Nuts and Oriental Herbs Paste
  5. Baked Miniature Red Bean Paste
  6. Baked Miniature Pistachio Nuts and Green Tea Paste
  7. Baked Miniatre White Lotus Paste with Yolk
  8. Baked Miniature Pandan Paste with Yolk
  9. Low Sugar Barley Tangerine
  10. Black Sesame Seed Paste

The kids love them because they look so pretty and colourful and come in little boxes. Its a real adventure to eat. Sorry no pictures as we ate them before I could get my camera out. Haha. 

They’re so “miniature” you can wallop all in one mouthful. To me they all taste almost the same ie SWEET with only slight difference in taste. The coffee paste one tasted like local coffee. The bailey soft centre was sinfully chocolate but the most distinctive of all had to be the Oriental Herbs one. It sure was strange to smell and taste Chinese Herbs in a mooncake. Others that have distinctive flavours are those that have a strong aroma of their own such as Green Tea, Pandan etc.

To me the mooncake industry is turning into one big con job. They’re so expensive. Still we get conned every year. Every year we would organise a mooncake party at one of our siblings house. We would all come with different flavoured mooncakes then cut them up into tiny pieces so that we could taste all sorts of varieties while the children would have fun with their lanterns and candles.

So… what mooncake flavour have you tasted this year? Care to recommend any?

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