1. I will not open more than 10 website pages at one time
  2. I will not refresh those pages more than 10 times an hour
  3. I will limit my blog hopping to 10 blogs per day
  4. I will not write more than 10 posts a day
  5. I will spend not more than 10 minutes on those 10 posts
  6. I will not spend more than 10 hours in front of the monitor without a break
  7. I will try to reply to at least 10 comments a day
  8. I will not add more than 10 tools on each of my blog template
  9. I will not let my ToDo List grow longer than 10 items due to my blogging
  10. I will not walk back to my PC every 10 minutes to check on my pages

Well, those are my new blogging resolutions. Ok. I may have exagerated somewhat but the gist of it is the same. I will not let blogging rule my life. I will organize and prioritize. I will be better at time management and I will type at the speed of lightning. All because I want to blog but I still have a responsiblity of looking after the family and the home.

Whats your Blogging Resolution?

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