Are you on good terms with your eX? That would include your eX-girlfriend/boyfriend, ex-bosses, eX-colleagues, eX-lovers, eX-fiance/fiancee, maybe even eX-spouse? Is your spouse on good terms with his eX? If its an eX gf or eX bf are they still friends? How do you feel about it?

I’m left to ponder this as my friend gets ready to welcome her husband’s eX-gf into their home. I don’t think I can do that. If I had an ex-gf of my hubby stay over at my home, in another room, I would probably go crazy just thinking and imagining and conjuring up their past. Hahaha.

If they are nice to each other, I would think, hmmm…. how come they’re still on such good terms. If they’re not nice to each other, I would think, hmm…. why the undercurrent? Is there some left over uncharted feeling? Lol! Either way, its a lose lose situation with me. So no, I won’t accept having an eX-gf of my hubby stay over at my house. Nosiree. Come over for dinner or drinks, ok but sleepover, sorry!

What do you think of eX-relationships? Should it be dead or burried?

Psst. If I don’t reply to your comments immediately its because I’m trying to cure my blogging addiction.

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