The eX Factor

Are you on good terms with your eX? That would include your eX-girlfriend/boyfriend, ex-bosses, eX-colleagues, eX-lovers, eX-fiance/fiancee, maybe even eX-spouse? Is your spouse on good terms with his eX? If its an eX gf or eX bf are they still friends? How do you feel about it?

I’m left to ponder this as my friend gets ready to welcome her husband’s eX-gf into their home. I don’t think I can do that. If I had an ex-gf of my hubby stay over at my home, in another room, I would probably go crazy just thinking and imagining and conjuring up their past. Hahaha.

If they are nice to each other, I would think, hmmm…. how come they’re still on such good terms. If they’re not nice to each other, I would think, hmm…. why the undercurrent? Is there some left over uncharted feeling? Lol! Either way, its a lose lose situation with me. So no, I won’t accept having an eX-gf of my hubby stay over at my house. Nosiree. Come over for dinner or drinks, ok but sleepover, sorry!

What do you think of eX-relationships? Should it be dead or burried?

Psst. If I don’t reply to your comments immediately its because I’m trying to cure my blogging addiction.

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  1. mommy of 2 angels says:

    i no keep contact with my ex but my hubby ex still works with him…i am ok with that coz he never hide it from me…but of cos i cannot be buddies with her, just fren only lor!

    Still works with him? Doesn’t it make you wonder…. Hehehe. Sorry teasing only. I guess everyday contact is immune compared to meet again after a few years type of contact.

  2. dobbs says:

    Like you I agree that it’s not a good idea to let hubby’s ex-gf stay with you. I read FH’s post and can’t help thinking the ex-gf really was “too much” to ask to stay in the first place. Afterall if she was sent for training, I’m sure the company will pay for her accomodation at a hotel.

    I think FH mentioned that the company is paying for her hotel accomodation in another state where the conference is. She is going over to her house as a detour after the training.

  3. Shireen says:

    I think its ok to let ur spouse’s ex sleep over. Your fren can always handcuff him to the bed during bedtime and let him loose when sun rises. No going to toilet in the middle of the nite so he has go first before going to bed. 🙂

    Oh, at first I thought you said handcuff her. Thats a bad idea. Haha. Handcuff him is ok but not her. Lol!

  4. Montessorimum says:

    My hubby never keep in touch with his Ex. He said is point. 2 of my ex still occasionally wrote to me. Just yesterday my ex wrote to me telling me his wife has passed on, leaving behind 2 young kids. Only 29…sad. But I’m not comfortable of meeting up or if my hubby wants me to meet his ex. NO way

    Meet oso kenot meh? Hehe.

  5. dolphine says:

    I don’t really have an ex. My husband is my first.

    But there’s this guy I went out for movie and dinner once or twice, we still smile to each other or say hi, and still work at the same place.

    My husband’s ex, he said that he was just a replacement after she broke off with her ex, the one before my husband. It was just a short term thingy.

    When she got married she emailed him. Besides, she has married to elsewhere.

    So, no problem loh.

  6. Wen says:

    hmm, not me, no way!! same as vice versa. why would the husband wanna let his ex live in the hse in the first place. she very cham meh, no place to stay meh. for me, i wld tell her to book a hotel, will even book for her!!

    Ya lor. Its not a very desirable situtation to have the ex under the same roof even for a few nights. Hehe.

  7. Ju says:

    Ya, I agree with dobbs above that the woman is too much to ask to stay over in the first place. She is either “really” very innocent or the really bitchy sort out to compare & show the Wife while pretending to need a place to stay.

    Don’t tell me she cannot find another accommodation.

    The Husband is also too much for allowing her to stay.

    The Husband should not have agreed.

    How would he feel if the Wife’s Ex wants to stay over??

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