Playing with lanterns and candle fire of course. What did you think? Hehe.

Its lantern festival today so we’ll be taking the kids to the park to play with fire. This is the only time they get to officially play with fire so they love it.

I still remember my childhood and the time I played with fire. We used to have this steel gate and we would “decorate” the entire gate with candle light. It was so lovely. Sometimes, we would walk to the park near our house with our lighted lanterns.

I don’t think our parents accompanied us. But then it was safer then. How carefree and simple life was. Now, parents live in fear and paranoia. Allowing our children to walk unaccompanied to the nearby park in the dark is a no-no. Oh, I won’t go into all that although I have many unspoken things in my mind. Enough has been said.

Its lantern festival afterall. So lets have fun, stuff ourselves with mooncake and let the kids enjoy the only time they get to play with fire.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to those who celebrate it.

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