Lack of parking space in terraced housing estates has led to innovative minds coming up with unique ways to reserve some parking space.

I’ve seen people reserve parking space for themselves by placing flower pots and tong sampahs (rubbish bins) in that little curb right outside or across from their homes. This is the most common method.

I’ve even seen one person reserve his little parking space by placing thumbtacks and other sharp little objects on the road right outside his house. Park there at your own peril!

However the most recent method that I’ve come across has got to be my neighbour’s. He has resorted to parking right outside my gate, placing a cone or his beautiful tong sampah on our shared curb whilst leaving his own porch and gate completely clear just so he could reserve a few strategic parking spaces.

Getting strategic parking spaces is very important you see. Afterall, with his multi vehicles and his family going in and out of the house at different times of the day and night, he can’t very well park his multi-vehicles in his porch as well as in front of his own gate now, can he? He also cannot park right across the road from his house for that would mean it would be difficult to reverse out of his porch. Neither can he park on the shared curb too close to his side of the curb because that would mean that it would be too hard to drive into his own porch and no, he cannot park in front of his own gate because that would inconvenience his own family members when they want to get in or out of the house.

Sigh. Some people are just so downright selfish.

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