Last night was a night for love. We went to the park with the kids with our colourful paper and plastic lanterns and our candles. The moon was full, the air was still, just right for playing with fire.

The park was filled with people and bursting with love. There were lovers walking hand in hand, teenagers having fun and parents chasing after little ones. What a wonderful scene. And everywhere you look, there were candles and lanterns burning. Playing with fire is not just for little ones.

How romantic it was. Much better than a candlelit dinner. Very good atmosphere for “pak tor” (dating). And how fun it was for the teenagers too who got together in groups. And of course it was enjoyable for the little ones.

My little ones decided that they wanted to blow the candles I had lighted up so I had to keep on lighting them up again and again. From their experience candles belonged on top of a cake and were supposed to be blown out not lighted up.

A very nice evening and a night of love for all.

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